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THE PRE-OSCARS CAMPAIGN  It’s November, which means that award season is in full swing, and as such the actors starring in award bait are beginning to lay the foundation of their Oscar campaigns. Here’s a battle between two biggest movie of the season. The World War II is main theme this year.


Top Story of the Month : We Have to Talk About Vogue We have to talk about Vogue people. Since Vogue (and Anna Devil Wintour) decided to embrace the idea of feature  accomplished women on it’s cover we all agree that putting celebrity was a good idea. Vogue is and always has been so Waspy oriented. It wasn’t a problem in the 80’s, it became one in the 90’s, now it’s clearly a major issue. On top of that Vogue, like every other printed magazine knows the internet fracture and the audience keep on decreasing. It’s a matter of fact. So what did Vogue decided to do ? Make buzz story. Like every other.

It’s Cannes ! Dress Porn.

It’s Cannes time! And Cannes means Dress porn for two weeks straight. Nobody cares anymore about the movies. Which can be a shame I agree. But still, this year the carpet all begin with great dresses and pony tail ( Well done Blake Lively) and Nicole Kidman as Grace of Monaco 2.0. Grace Of Monaco, starring Nicole Kidman, opened the Cannes Film Festival with terrible reviews. TERRIBLE REVIEWS AHAHAHA! Yes because this mess looks like a really boring perfume commercial.


The Battle of Oscar Campaigners Those covers smell a lot like Oscar campaigning to me, don’t they? Of couuuuuuuuurse they do !!!!!! Can’t you see ? All the Golden Globes nominees are here : Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams in American Hustle, Cate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine, Idris Elba in Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, Jared Leto in Dallas Buyers Club. We have to notice here that there are no Golden Globe nomination for Claire Danes in Homeland (but already won every awards last year so anyway), NO ZOE SALDANA which reminds me “What happened with this  controversial Nina Simone Biopic ???”. And none for Carey Mulligan in Inside Llewyn Davis & The Great Gatsby.  The Disney Pop Princess Battle We then get our Disney princesses battle : Britney Spears vs Miley Cyrus. The first one was making her big debut for the first of her 100 performance out of her ‘Piece of Me’ Tour. Showing us all that she STILL can try to dance again ! The other lil twat one is whoring her album as hard as possible… I am pretty sure Queen Bey …

Fashion Magazine June 2013 Issue : Cover Battle

As I said, last month Cover Battle was about too big movies and two big actors Leo and RDj.This month is a special battle between three actresses. ZOE SALDANA / NICOLE KIDMAN / CAREY MULLIGAN Nicole is no Carey To my opinion the real battle will be between Nic and Zoe. Carey Mulligan is having  her moment but it’s the same moment that Michelle Williams had with One Week With Marilyn. It was an excellent movie and a very great role and performance. But as Williams, Mulligan is young in this industry and I don’t think she made her proof yet. In the other hand Nicole Kidman wants her Oscar, she wants it hard  ! But not as much as Anne Hattaway wanted it and made her the most hated winner of history. Let see how Cannes played in their favour. LaineyGossip seems to think that it will be a battle between the two Baz Luhrmann Blond muse : When Moulin Rouge went to Cannes, it was a mega spectacle, with Nicole as the focus. …

The end of The Oscars week – Who will be next for 2014 ?

The Oscars race is a big machine. The academy certainly not judge only on the performance but what media says certainly have an impact. Look at how Jennifer Lawrence playing the “real girl” very well and Anne Hattaway was everywhere begging so much for her Oscar. And finally, Ben Affleck master of all win bigger for complaining everywhere how rude was the academy for not nominating him in Best director field. So does Oscar campaigning even work? One Oscar consultant replied, “Does it make a difference? Absolutely! (Vulture) So, who are already campaigning for Oscars 2014 season. Look at the pre-campaign strategies : – TopDog Female for 2014 : Nicole Kidman ” VS Zoe Saldana Nicole Kidman will certainly be topdog of next Oscars 2014 season. We will probably hear sooner or later that her as Grace of Monaco is the greatest performance gives of all her career. She actually have a long career with already 3 nominations and one win for The Hours in 2002. Plus, she is Hollywood sweetheart, she’s Australian and Aussie …

From Halle Berry to Zoe Saldana : the Black actresses identity issues in Hollywood

  “Being biracial is sort of like being in a secret society,” she says. “Most people I know of that mix have a real ability to be in a room with anyone, black or white.”_ Halle Berry on Tmagazine, 2012. Halle Berry is in the next $100-million big production ‘Cloud Atlas’. The Action adventure movie approach the fundamental question of races and genders switch.