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Top Story of the Month : We Have to Talk About Vogue We have to talk about Vogue people. Since Vogue (and Anna Devil Wintour) decided to embrace the idea of feature  accomplished women on it’s cover we all agree that putting celebrity was a good idea. Vogue is and always has been so Waspy oriented. It wasn’t a problem in the 80’s, it became one in the 90’s, now it’s clearly a major issue. On top of that Vogue, like every other printed magazine knows the internet fracture and the audience keep on decreasing. It’s a matter of fact. So what did Vogue decided to do ? Make buzz story. Like every other.


1. Alexa Chung for Vogue Uk America may have to answer for the Kardashian clan, but England has to answer for Alexa Chung, who seems just as useless as any two random Kardashians put together. But for whatever reason (“thinness”), Alexa continues to be seen as a legitimate style star in England. They keep giving her Vogue UK covers!– Celebitchy 2. Kate Upton for Vanity Fair 100 Vanity Fair has turned 100, sort of. Technically speaking, the Vanity Fair of today is 30 years old. But 100 is such a nice round number. – WWD 3. Michael J. Fox for Rolling Stone For the first time in 26 years, Michael J. Fox is on the cover of Rolling Stone. Twenty-two years after Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease – when his doctor warned that he had no more than 10 years left of his acting career – he’s returning to TV full-time with NBC’s The Michael J. Fox Show. – Rolling Stone mag 4. Justin Timberlake on T  Justin Timberlake covers the the Fall 2013 issue of the New York Times’ T magazine. …