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Beyond Celebrity Endorsement | Top 10 Celebrity Campaigns of 2014

LUPITA NYONG’O X LANCÔME Back on April, right after her successful Oscar season, Lupita won her first big contract with Lancôme. Huge deal. Huge move for both Lupita and Lancôme. PLUS. The first official print ad from Lupita Nyong’o’s Lancôme endorsement deal, came out on June. It’s got an ‘80s throwback vibe, like Lupita is consciously giving us a vintage Grace Jones look. (Celebitchy)

Kate Bosworth is singing for TopShop

The description is saying ” A TopShop production featuring a performance by A-list Hollywood star, Kate Bosworth” Oh come on give me a break! Kate Bosworth is far from being an actual A-list Hollywood star. Can you name one movie she was in except the one where she’s suppose to be a surfer? Okay she’s in 21 (the movie about students making money playing .. ) anything else? Nothing, you see!? She’s a total B-looserlister and she should thanks A-lister Orlando Bloom and Alexander Askar she dated longtime ago. But anyway, I hear ya I hear ya.. you think I am an hater ? I have to admit this is actually a cute and sweet commercial in very much Topshop spirit mind (a bit H&M x Lana Del Rey look-a-like I would say). But it works! (Source: