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Cover of the month : Rihanna for W September

Cover of the month (September) featuring Rihanna


Fashion Magazine September Issue : The Big Battle

THERE IS NOTHING BIGGER THAN THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE. The September issue is always the cover to watch of the year.  The advantage is for the magazine and of course the brands that features the issue because of advertising. And also for the celebrity or the supermodels that strike the cover depending on the notoriety of the magazine. Most of the time it generate good communication for the product that the celebrity support, a new album (Katie Perry) a new movie ( Amber Heard, Diana) or it can help boost an entire career (Jennifer Lawrence, Selena Gomez, Blake Lively) .  The fashion books, as well as some other categories, are the exception to industry-wide advertising declines (WWD).  And as every year the biggest cover is of course the Vogue issue. And this year Jennifer Lawrence made it. September’s advertising page totals came the usual hyperbolic boasts from publishers eager to wow female readers, advertisers and the press. In 2012, Vogue had its biggest September advertising haul, 658 pages, since the flush days of 2008. And in terms of advertising, from 171 for …

Fashion Magazine September Issue : Lady Gaga * Vogue

I made the review of the Septembre Issue fashion magazine big cover battle Vogue reveals his September issue cover with Lady Gaga as rumoured. THE September issue of Vogue is the biggest international collections issue ever to be produced you can imagine pressure when it’s time to choose the big celebrity who’s gonna sell the mag. So Vogue tittle it : ” Dream Girl: Lady Gaga Graces the September Issue of Vogue” I have no doubt Gaga will sell the shit, Gaga previously covered the March 2011 issue of the fashion bible, but now Gaga is evidently good enough for the September issue as well. But there’s nothing in that tittle that makes me dream about. Lady Gaga Classy? Grace ? Dream Girl? Except that she’s a big Hollywood star making money… but hey ! What is she doing right now? I have no clue. Celebitchy explains us the Gaga fatigue  before come-back : Speaking of Gaga fatigue, we’ve enjoyed a bit of a reprieve over the past handful of months from Her Weirdness, but it’s rather obvious that …