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The Good Boy Gone Bad Edition | Justin Bieber : The Youtube Star & the Millennials

 Part I : The Bieber Digital Brand storyline :Youtube, Twitter, Instagram ” Everybody can become a celebrity on Internet”. A Success Youtube Story. This is the new american dream motto, this is what it means to be a BELIEBER  : “Everyone who puts a video on Youtube can become famous. It’s this idea that if you have talent and if you make this talent visible then you can be voted in a “democratic” society to be a star. Read More : #WeNeedToTalkAbout : The New Bieber Perfume “Short Movie” Commercial.

It Was One Year Ago : The TomKat Divorce In 10 points

It was one year ago : Katie Holmes left Tom Cruise.  This would kick off a solid three months of amazing scandal. And this was my very best Tom/Kat saga. I know I know it’s an old story 2012 is SO OLD but hey I am a bit melancholic of good old gossip tabloids and it has been a bit slow on scandal these time. Speed of gossip have changed substantially over the last century, but really, everything new is old. And turning star scandals into melodrama — something that resembles the plot of a movie, complete with clear-cut good and bad guys — is nothing new. LaineyGossip Yesterday was Tom Cruise birthday (see photo of him supposedly celebrating at Chateau Marmont here.) A year ago, after 5 years of marriage, Katie Divorced from Tom Cruise on his 50 and did what people thought was mission impossible : She kept her daughter with her ! Yes I was completely addict of this scandalicious story (I see you rolling your eyes up! But hey don’t judge …

The Kristen Stewart / Rob Patz scandal: An Erotic Tabloib Tale

It’s Sunday! And It’s the story of Sunday! As we all know, US has owned everyone else’s ass on this story, including PEOPLE, after breaking the scandal on August. US Weekly right now is way ahead of the competition. Plots line post-scandal: End of August : Star Magazine revealed ( via Celebitchy) that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart weren’t really “back together” and that they were just doing this reunion thing because the studio wants them to. Muahuahuahuaaa this is for shizzles my nizzle ! Early September. KStew was in Paris for her new endorsement Balenciaganashit and it have been rumoured that they [her and Rob Patz] live back together again. Harvey Levin from went on : “Nobody happens to go to a restaurant called “La fidélité” unless their staging this all thing”. Harvey levin (TMZ Live). “The all aftermath is just BS! The relationship and them going back together. Total set up ! I soo do not believe this entire scandal. It is all been set up to simply generate publicity! Mid October : Every gossip blogs announced …