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Julia Roberts x Lancôme : Allegory of the Cave

Julia Roberts has been spokesperson for Lancôme since 2010 and she will always and forever be the perfect chose for the L’Oreal prestige brand. Remember that Lancôme made a huge mistake in a campaign last year with Roberts while they used digitally retouched images? Well they’re now back with the actress endorsing a perfume. Julia is absolutely STUNNING! (Beware! My analysis is absolutely subjective and fanatic oriented). _”In a world full of diktats and conventions could there be another way?” You’re asking it right Julia ! In this video. Julia, now a brunette (omjayy!!), embodies the image of beauty perfection with enlightened conscience. Julia (and Lancôme) are talking about freedom and enjoying life. What a wonderfull world…you tell me! _”La vie est belle” I Love and will always love Julia Roberts, I can’t even remember the moment I first adored her. I don’t like her particularly because of her acting skills, neither because she played a hooker who suddenly felt in love with a rich old pepaw guy (a.k.a Richard Gere), which for the instance I …

Halle Berry endorsements. Closer Fragrance

Halle Berry for Closer Frangrance Halle Berry goes back to work with Revlon and is the new face of Revlon Makeup Spring 2012 ad campaign. Halle Berry is a long time brand ambassador for the makeup Her commercial highlights Revlon ColorStay Whipped Crème Foundation, another of her must-haves. “It’s for every woman, and I really love that about the product,” she says. Berry’s commercial was shot by Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky. Source: StyleNews


  After their failed contract with Nathalie Portman ( alias The Swan Princess according to Vulture’ list (I’m addicted)), remember she broke her contract with Dior right after the big John Galliano’s scandal last year? The perfume brand comes back with Mila Kunis the Swan Queen alternate just like in the movie. Miss Dior’ marketing team hasn’t work too hard to find this one (» _ “Nathalie wants to quit? Well ask the other black swan brunette… what’s her name again? Im sure that’s exactly how it went). Thanks to the newVulture 100 most valuable stars  list lets make a little fun portrait of our two beloved ‘Black-Swaners’: #35 Nathalie Portman “The Swan Princess “ […] She[Nathalie]  exhibited qualities that would come to define her: an innocent beauty, a fragile temperament hidden behind a tough exterior, and an intelligence beyond her years. An Oscar nomination for Closer helped, but in 2010, Portman hit a career high with ballet psycho-thriller Black Swan, opposite BFF Mila Kunis, for which she won an Academy Award (she also took …

Alexander Skarsgard x Calvin Klein Cologne

Alexander Skarsgard is the New Face of Calvin Klein Cologne Apparently, we’re not the only ones excited, either: Calvin Klein announced today that Bon Temps’ sexiest vampire, Alexander Skarsgard, is the face of their new men’s fragrance Encounter, WWD is reporting. The print ad (above) will be accompanied by a TV spot, both of which will break in September and both of which will costar the lovely Lara Stone. Steven Klein shot the campaign, which Skarsgard described as “very film noir,” and marketing guru Fabien Baron gave creative direction.

Liv Tyler * Givenchy

NEW : GIVENCHY X LIV TYLER Pitch : Very Irresistible Givenchy Electric Rose: a luminous and vibrant fragrance with a rock spirit just like its icon, Liv Tyler. Music : ‘Need You Tonight” Brand association logic : Liv Tyler is now long time face of Gyvenchy perfum so no need to justify the association. Unless what we can say is that this endorsing contrat should really help the actress since she haven’t act for a long time now ( last time I saw her on my screen she was speaking Elfik ). Credibility : 3.5/5. Ok she’s luminous. Ok she is vibrant. Ok for the sense of rock spirit (thanks to her daddy rocker since she never had played any guitar nor sang nor anything rocknroll). BUT WHAT ABOUT the ‘ICON’ mention ?! Everyone is an icon now. I’m sorry Liv Tyler is no ICON! Esthetic image : 4/5. She is a beauty she’s brunette and even more, she is true, no eating disorder, no drug problem , no middle age star crisis, no scandal, no nothing, she is pure with this …