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THE AWARD SEASON IS OFFICIALLY OPEN ! And it’s the best season of the year. Red carpets, Awards, Dress porn, Red carpets, Awards, Dress porn, suits, movies, movie stars HOLLYWOOD BABY! It’s that time of the year where Jennifer Aniston is hiring an Oscar strategist (AHAH). Did you know that was actually a real job ?

Oscar Race Edition | The Ultimate Boys Face-Off

Awards Season : The Boys Battle Oh what an awards month !! I wrote about the Girls’ Oscars battle  and the Lupita vs J-Law. But this year boys battle is more entertaining. This competition is tighter than it’s ever have been in a long time, maybe ever. Oscar voting is in its final stretch. Which means that the right work, the right communication, the right appearance and the right speeches will make the right difference. Means Brad Pitt had to put his little golden face to work and campaign for 12 Years A Slave. And he finally showed up in London to the BAFTAs with La Jolie. So wassup in the men category ? The Ultimate Face-Off : The A-List VS The B-List BEST ACTOR  Matthew McConaughey “THE GOOD OL’ BOY MADE GOOD” : 1 GG + 1 SAG  MMC Strategy : Matthew is the favourite of this year. It’s difficult to understand his star rank. From my point of view he’s not an A-List, he’s a super bankable  B+ List with no A movie in his career. Last year marked …

Time For Your Daily Dose of Lupita

Lovely Lupita Nyong’o is coming on strong. She’s the new fresh girl of 2014 “She’s the most popular girl on the award circuit. Even more popular than Jennifer Lawrence since people (unfairly, arguably) seem to be tired of the Jennifer Lawrence. Lupita is the Lawrence of 2014 and Lawrence is the Hathaway of 2014? Discuss.”_Lainey Gossip Read more about Lupita Nyong’o HERE  

The Oscars Race Edition | Leo Dicaprio x The Wolf of Wall Street

The teen heartthrob who became too much of an A++ list star Last night my cousin who now start to admit that I am kind of a celebrity expert asked me if I thought that Leonardo Dicaprio might have a chance to get an Oscar this time. And weirdly I found it super hard to answer this question. So I thought it was my responsibility to answer this crucial question because we  are all be wondering why WHY Leo doesn’t have an oscar yet ?!? Predictions and critics all agreed that Leonardo Dicaprio has strong chance to get his Oscar with the movie he stars on : The Wolf of Wall Street.

Oscar Race Edition | The Ultimate Girls Face-Off

Awards Season : Golden Globes, Critics Choice Awards, SAGs Wrap-up Oh what a week !! The award season is one of my favorite. First because I am addicted to Awards shows, I love red carpets like it’s cocaine, and I adore winners speeches like it’s heroine. I could watch every single of them again and again even if it’s 3 hours long. And thanks to the Internet you can sometimes find those sort of amazing treasures :

I Declare The Golden Globes Frenzy Open ! Here’s my predictions in pictures

It’s Golden Globe weekend! I love The GG show. The GG are like the Oscar’s foreplay, unless there’s more funny jokes , thanks to Tina & Amy. Yes Tina Fey and Amy Phoeler have done the impossible – they’ve secured hosting spots for the Golden Globes for the next two years in a row. They were absolutely awesome. So because this year we have strong players and hard campaigners ( Scorsese yes I am talking bout you!) the season must be really entertaining. Lainey has been covering this campaign days after days since October and it’s pretty interesting to understand the strategy for each movies. Some studio are whoring their actors really much under the light ( American Hustle, The Wolf of Wall Street, Her) some doesn’t, maybe because they doesn’t need to, because they are confident that the movie will secure an award by it self ( Blue Jasmine, Gravity ). Here’s my prediction !! FILM Best Motion Picture – Drama 12 Years A Slave 12 Years A Slave is considered, almost unanimously, the best film of …

Oscar 2014 Campaign | Lupita Nyong’o x 12 Years A Slave

Lupita : The New Fresh Girl of 2014 Lupita Nyong’o is campaigning hard. She and all the cast of 12 Years a Slave are hunting the Oscar. I first saw Lupita featured on one of my favorite red carpet’s blog : Red Carpet Fashion Awards. I didn’t know who she was and what she was doing on the 12 Years A Slave red carpet but I was floored by her style and natural beauty. I couldn’t wait till another of my favorite fashion blog Tom & Lorenzo , would start featuring her as well. They finally did, and just confirmed what we already knew: her style is flawless, her makeup is flawless and she’s just beautiful! Oscar Campaign Strategy #1 : Being universally beloved [Lupita Nyong’o] is someone who emerged, a revelation, a discovery, a major new talent. She delivers an extraordinary performance in 12 Years A Slave. She’s thoughtfully navigated her first major press and award circuit. She’s become a red carpet star. She’s smart and patient in an industry that rewards impetuous Hopefully this will help …

I Declare The Oscar Race Edition Open !

What should you know about this Oscar season ? The Hollywood Films Awards officially declare the Award season open !! Are you ready for this Award season?!? You better be cuz it’s going to be a loooong promoting season. You know that this year the Oscar ceremony is schedule on the 2Th of March (my Bday btw ^^) so it’s 5 months to go from now. 5 months of red carpets, gossips, movie premieres, movie directors propaganda, celebrities  Oscar campaigning, long and dramatic discourse, etcetera, etcetera. The Rules of The Oscar Strategic Campaign The Academy Awards is the most prestigious event in the film industry and is the final clue of a long list of award event. It’s also the biggest event watched and talked about. But it’s also the place for Oscar campaigners. Oscar campaign is a strategic tactic use by everyone involved in the Hollywood film industry to increase chances to win the little statuette. From movie directors, to actors and studio,  every  interview, advertise, red carpet, tv show is a very calculate action. …