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Today in Old Hollywood – A Brief History Of The Oscars [Video]

The Glowing Hollywood age I have always loved a bit of vintage, all the 80’s was the glowing age for hollywood with  true actors stars, huge dry hair, the dresses, the costumes, the red carpet. Celebrities are the fuel of the Hollywood industry and the Oscar show always has been at the center of this fantasy spectacle. Stars are moving like .

Beyond Old Hollywood | A Year In Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller

_These photos, taken over the course of 3 days in New York with Marilyn’s husband Arthur Miller are especially poignant because they were taken just a month after Marilyn suffered a miscarriage. In every shot she’s so plump and youthful and healthy and full of hope and love, the shots with Miller are intimate and gentle, and you can see his adoration of her and all the comfort he gave her at that point in their relationship. Shaw captures both beautiful candids and tells a stunning story as Marilyn dances in the late summer grass and beguiles the camera. ( Marilyn Monroe by Sam Shaw, September 1957   _A View from the Bridge, currently revived at the Young Vic, wasfirst staged in London in 1956. It was a dramatic year for Miller: he appeared before the House Un-American Activities Committee, divorced his wife, Mary Slattery, and married Marilyn Monroe, whose own career had been boosted by her performance in Bus Stop. Miller and Monroe travelled to London together for the opening of A View from the …

Interlude: “Love, Marilyn” The trailer.

The new HBO documentary offering us another Marilyn Monroe biopic. Yes we all know about Marilyn Monroe’s mysterious and tremendous life. But … do we really? In the trailer we see sneak-peak of multiples actresses (mostly blond) talking about why they rely so much with MM. But it’s true though, everyone can rely on Marilyn’slife, she lived the impossible life. A life of lust, pain, desire, passion, envy, enlightment, success and failure. 50 years after Marilyn Monroe’s death, 2 boxes of personal paper was discovered, These journal entries, letters and poems, reveal a mosaic of Marilyn’s inner world. The documentary revisits Marilyn’s personal books read and comments by actors such as Glenn Close, Uma Thurman, Viola Davis, Adrien Brody, Lindsay Lohan, Stephen Lang, Jeremy Piven, etc. “Marilyn created that wonderfull character : Marilyn Monroe, But that wasn’t her “ Ellen Bursty. (Source: