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THE PRE-OSCARS CAMPAIGN  It’s November, which means that award season is in full swing, and as such the actors starring in award bait are beginning to lay the foundation of their Oscar campaigns. Here’s a battle between two biggest movie of the season. The World War II is main theme this year.


This Months Magazines cover are pretty much boring. I had to really work hard and chasing the good cover and they were none. Actually maybe the most entertaining was Madonna by Terry Richardson, very sexy very porny, very S&M porn arty (the Uncle Terry signtaure). And that was it. Nothing else, some covers are already featuring actors/actress with great Award season potential like Fassbender or Scarlett Johansson, Cosmopolitan plays the buzz card with highly visible Miley Cyrus (easy choice since you know she’s gonna make talk about until at least this december). And other like Vanity Fair plays the card of the good celebrity with Jayz or Monica Bellucci, even if there’s currently no news about them. So here my selection of choice : Madonna for Harper Bazaar Scarlett Johansson promoting Don Jon is on the cover of Elle Canada Jaz-Z for Vanity Fair Monica Bellucci for Vanity Fair Italy James Franco on GQ Penelope Cruz  for Elle Us_ Penelope Cruz is starring The Counselor  ( Cartel ). Omg this movie sounds HOT. Because first there’s Fassy. You …

Fashion Magazine April 2013 Issue : Cover Battle

(Click on the image to enhance) Here we are back for our monthly Fashion Magazine Covers April issue recap ! The big winner – Vogue US – I have to say that once again my first choice is with Vogue  US putting FLOTUS Obama on top. The Boring – – This month is pretty boring actually. After the Oscar we see a little celebrity fatigue, even if W mag  puts  Brit Marling (Who the F*ck is she? The new Harvey Weinstein protégé?) and Eddie Redmayne as “Hollywood’s freshest faces”. – Taylor Swift on the Vanity Fair cover : “It’s Taylor Swift at her Taylor Swiftiest!” (Dlisted). You know that she worst magazine cover sellers in the past 5 years ? (Fashionista) So why keep putting her on top? I am sick of sweet Taylor Swift we are ALL sick of sweet Taylor Swift. Please give us more badass Lindsay Lohan. And Taylor also did the InStyle cover WTF?! Taylor Swift is a country mannequin robot who can’t function unless a barely legal white boy is …