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Iconic celebrity women in fashion campaigns

LARA STONE + KATE MOSS FOR BALENCIAGA’S FALL CAMPAIGN Source : CHER, WINONA RYDER AND WILLOW SMITH ARE THE NEW FACES OF MARC JACOBS It’s shaping up to be the campaign of the season. Marc Jacobs‘s fall campaign is beginning to take shape, and the designer has enlisted a number of his inspiring famous friends to pose in the campaign, cast by Anita Bitton and shot by Sims. Jacobs just took to Instagram to reveal the second star this season, 14-year-old Willow Smith, whose ad appears below ( KATY PERRY FOR MOSCHINO FALL/WINTER 15/16 Source : Donatella Versace is captured by Mert & Marcus for Givenchy Fall/Winter 2015/2016 Ad Campaign. KATE MOSS BY MERT & MARCUS FOR STELLA MCCARTNEY FALL/WINTER 14/15 Kristen Stewart, face of the CHANEL Spring-Summer 2015 Eyewear Campaign

De Naomi Campbell à Kate Moss : La société des supermodèles.

Voici un extrait de mon mémoire sur l’univers du mannequinat et sur la formation d’image et d’identité de marque-personne dans ce champ. La mode et le mannequinat ont depuis toujours délivrés une interprétation de l’image de la femme au sein de notre société. Les super-mannequins des années 80 et 90 tels que Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Gia, Naomi Campbell et Kate Moss représentaient l’image suprême de la vision que porte la mode sur la femme. Ce champs observe une structure fascinante dans laquelle la femme, son esthétique, son rôle, sa représentation, son comportement et son image sont au coeur de cet univers. Rupture et révolution dans le champ de la mode « The supermodel was the new celebrity for the 90s »(Kendall, 2004: 93).

Two Royal Queens

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Kate Moss wanted this photo-shoot to happen for a long time and finally it did. CatherineDeneuve?! She has excellent taste. Beautiful combination. They are both so, so different… Catherine Deneuve (70) and Kate Moss (40), photographed at the Shangri-La Hotel in Paris for Vanity Fair, Feb (Patrick Demarchelier, 2014) Below, Catherine Deneuve, photographed for New York Magazine, Feb 25 (Dominique Isserman, 2014) Full slide show here


This Month Top Conversation: Miley Cyrus x Vogue & W mag The wannabe provocator pop singer Miley Cyrus strike two cover this month and prove us she can be even less dress than ever. Miley is still promoting her album Bangerz hard and the competition is hard out there. Between the Beyonce, the Katy Perry and the Lady  Gaga of our time, Miley Cyrus is doing everything she can to erase  her old Disney image from our memories. “I don’t give a shit. I’m not Disney, where they have, like, an Asian girl, a black girl, and a white girl, to be politically correct, and, like, everyone has bright-colored T-shirts. “I love weed. I just love getting stoned. I just want it to be back to where it’s, like, organic, good weed.”_ W magazine Miley goes all Gaga on W magazine cover (we got to admit the shoot is good) and she’s going for Marilyn Monroe all the way on Vogue Germany.  Miley could keep her “white trash and Chanel” vibe all to herself because Wintour wasn’t having it on …

Beyond Model Brand | 40 Years Of Kate Moss

 Kate Moss is always a story. And what’s really unusual is she’s a story for everybody, from the tabloids to the broadsheets to the glossies to the Daily Mail. Katherine “Kate” Ann Moss (born 16 January 1974) is an English model. She has appeared on over 300 magazine covers. She is known for her waifish figure, uncommonly short height for a fashion model, and appearances in many advertising campaigns. She is also notorious for her high-profile relationships and party lifestyle. If W has had a muse these past 10 years or so, she would have to be Kate, who has appeared on 15 covers (prior to the nine separate covers printed for this issue) and in countless fashion shoots, by everyone from Michael Thompson to Bruce Weber.

Top 15 Kate Moss shots by Terry Richardson

I swear, she only uses two “model-faces” throughout the whole shoot. Her two looks: “Wow, I did too much coke last night” and “OMG, I shouldn’t have just done all that coke.” You know that’s exactly what Kate and Terry did “on location in Jamaica.” They did lines and wandered around on the beach._ Dlisted Miss Moss Harper’s Bazaar cover, shot by Terry Richardson (US June/July 2012). Hilarious !!

Fashion Magazine September Issue : The Big Battle

THERE IS NOTHING BIGGER THAN THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE. The September issue is always the cover to watch of the year.  The advantage is for the magazine and of course the brands that features the issue because of advertising. And also for the celebrity or the supermodels that strike the cover depending on the notoriety of the magazine. Most of the time it generate good communication for the product that the celebrity support, a new album (Katie Perry) a new movie ( Amber Heard, Diana) or it can help boost an entire career (Jennifer Lawrence, Selena Gomez, Blake Lively) .  The fashion books, as well as some other categories, are the exception to industry-wide advertising declines (WWD).  And as every year the biggest cover is of course the Vogue issue. And this year Jennifer Lawrence made it. September’s advertising page totals came the usual hyperbolic boasts from publishers eager to wow female readers, advertisers and the press. In 2012, Vogue had its biggest September advertising haul, 658 pages, since the flush days of 2008. And in terms of advertising, from 171 for …

Fashion Magazine June 2013 Issue : Cover Battle

As I said, last month Cover Battle was about too big movies and two big actors Leo and RDj.This month is a special battle between three actresses. ZOE SALDANA / NICOLE KIDMAN / CAREY MULLIGAN Nicole is no Carey To my opinion the real battle will be between Nic and Zoe. Carey Mulligan is having  her moment but it’s the same moment that Michelle Williams had with One Week With Marilyn. It was an excellent movie and a very great role and performance. But as Williams, Mulligan is young in this industry and I don’t think she made her proof yet. In the other hand Nicole Kidman wants her Oscar, she wants it hard  ! But not as much as Anne Hattaway wanted it and made her the most hated winner of history. Let see how Cannes played in their favour. LaineyGossip seems to think that it will be a battle between the two Baz Luhrmann Blond muse : When Moulin Rouge went to Cannes, it was a mega spectacle, with Nicole as the focus. …

Fashion Magazine March 2013 Issue : Cover Battle (Decoded)

“Beyonce Beyonce, everywhere Beyonce. 2013 has been all about Beyonce. So Beyonce directed a movie about Beyonce using Beyonce’s own footage of Beyonce and it healed Beyonce and made Beyonce want to cry. Pure. Narcissism. 100 proof.”_ Lainey Gossip Amazing Rihanna on the Issue of Rolling Stone Stupid ass RiRi’s stupid ass relationship with stupid ass Chris Brown is nobody’s business, which is why she’s talking about it to Rolling Stone. _ Dlisted An English businesswoman, fashion designer and singer Victoria Beckham covers the March edition of Elle UK shoot by Carter Smith. Still thin but so in ! Nicole “Princess Grace” Kidman on THR cover. It’s double strike this month for Megan Fox she covers the Esquire and  Marie Claire UK March 2013 Here’s very PR speech interview she gave for Marie Claire : I’ve never been validated by work or fame or Hollywood or any of that. Dakota Fanning for Glamour : 0 Disney: 1 Miley Cyrius for Cosmopolitan March Issue : 1 –  Disney: 0 Rachel Weisz for Harper’s Bazaar UK Kate …