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Celebrities endorsement of the month – July and August

Celebrities create attention and bring prestige to brands, and may encourage higher recall (Erdogan, 1999; Tom et al., 1992). Michelle Williams post Marilyn in Louis Vuitton ads The campaign marks Ms Williams’ first major fashion endorsement, aside from a brief spell as an ambassador for Band of Outsiders for spring/summer 2012.  Best known for her roles in “Brokeback Mountain” and “My Week With Marilyn,” Williams is currently filming “Suite Française” (WWD). Williams is in her way up and confirms her bankable stars statuts by endorsing her first luxury brand. Well done Michelle ! James Dean 2.0 for Gucci eyewear James Franco will front the Italian brand’s eyewear campaign for fall. The Seventies-inspired aviators are a sophisticated evolution of the classic Bamboo version launched for spring 2013 (WWD). Is a  James Dean ( and not James Deen) biopic soon-to-be produce or something because James Franco is showing absolute lookalike with the iconic 70’s hollywood hot star. Jennifer Aniston sans fard for Living Proof Have you seen the little buzz last week of Jennifer instagramming herself without make up ? Yep J Aniston …

The Curious Case Of Jennifer Aniston | Brand – Person Analysis

Jennifer Aniston is the most celebrity stunt of all celebrity stunts that exist on this planet. According to Vulture, she is a tabloid star with a perfect understanding of the public relations machine. Her latest commercial for Aveeno debuted on Oscar night. This advertisement is more promoting Aniston being her own manager , publicist, PR etc… than the product itself. Have you noticed that we barely see or hear about the product that she supposedly is endorsing? If you read the advertisement correctly, it tells exactly what the Aniston Brand is: she’s the actress who’s best role is being a ‘Celebrity’. 

Jennifer Aniston is doing smart business.

Jennifer Aniston has inked a deal with Living Proof, the Massachusetts-based hair care company, to serve as a spokesperson and product creator. (WWD) Jennifer Aniston has been a spokesmodel for L’Oreal and Smarter since 2007. She also launched her first fragrance with Falic Fashion Group in 2010. Jennifer and Smart Water was a perfect match. But now she’s doing real smart business with Living Proof.  Click here to read more about the partnership. Basically, they’re saying that, Jennifer Aniston is becoming co-owner of the company. Damn it she’s smart!!! I want a bigger share of what I’m selling. This is apparently what Aniston negotiated — her hair, widely considered to be her best physical feature, will represent the product and in exchange she becomes a major shareholder. Which is why that ring is on display in the first official photo released from Living Proof confirming the collaboration. LaineyGossip Yes the RING! This is always about the ring and always has been… Remember that Jennifer Aniston is “The Actress Whose Best Role is ‘Celebrity’” none of …