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The Business of Music Festival – Marketing To The Millennials

It’s Coachella time!! It’s that time of the year were you start seeing a million pictures of hippie hobo post-spring breakers teenagers and celebrities putting their Coachella costume. Some call it a music festival. I call it the time of year when celebrities dress like assholes as Lainey Gossip (god of all gossip business) once wrote genuinely. Read More : #TIDALforALL Meant To Break The Music Industry – When Too Much Is Too Much ?

Grammy’s Advertising Review

You’ve seen it yesterday. The best of Celebrities endorsement in commercials. Here’s my selection: Justin Timberlake x Bud Light Justin Timberlake was appointed as Bud Light Platinum’s Creative Director. “viewers were treated to a minute-long black-and-white ad for the new-ish brew, featuring Timberlake’s recently debuted comeback single, “Suit and Tie,” ( What is it about Black & White ? JT made a 6:20 minutes long perfomance yesterday at the Grammys all in Black & White that was very much acclaimed by Mrs Timberlake and the Bay/ Jay-z couple. He’s the celebrated Pips. If they want him, these are his conditions. He gets to be up there as long as he wants. Lainey Gossip Yes, the JT brand is now bigger and won’t stop growing even more. While building a solid couple image, and reassuring his presence in the music industry with his big come back he shows us that he is still an entertainer (Super Bowl, Grammys,..). However, he will have to work on his actor skills to be a complete powerful star. Click …

Best H&M Celebrities and Designers Collaborations Over the Years

Since 2004, the collaborations strategy has put H&M’s cheap and mainstream clothes brand in a all new dimension. Now shoppers seek out the limited edition celebrity endorsed or designed items. It’s called : Masstige !  The H&M formula is very simple. It’s a two-way commercial exchange, celebrity and designer get way more visibility and it’s a perfect occasion to extent their brand to a all new area or to reach new customers. And for H&M it’s a way to grow a very powerfull image and position themselves in every field that mass fashion H&M’s celebrity parternship goal:

Tout Frais : Vanessa Paradis x H&M Conscious

Après Lana Del Rey collection d’automne, David Beckham collection lingerie Homme et Laetitia collection lingerie Femme, c’est au tour de la chanteuse française de collaborer avec la marque Suédoise. Le pitch: “Vanessa qui nage dans l’herbe, les cheveux ébouriffés style sauvageonne, dans une habitation abandonnée ou la nature envahit l’espace reprenant ses droits.” Mon dieu que c’est PLATE! Vanessa Paradis en nouvelle  égérie éco-responsable pour la collection eco-friendly a soudainement quelque chose de très ennuyant. Comme si depuis la fin du couple phare des années 2000 Vanessa/ Johnny, le plus désiré, le plus envié, le plus adoré, la chanteuse de “Joe le Taxis” ne nous ferait plus rêver. Et au même moment on entends souffler le vent de la rumeur de “l’autre blonde”, l’américaine Amber Heard avec qui Johnny c’était rapidement consolé de sa rupture d’avec Vanessa. Amber, actrice montante, rebelle, rocky, délavée et supposément bisexuelle (donc dépravée) dévale les Champs Élysée en scooter avec la fille DeVillepin, plantureuse, blonde (elle aussi décidément), mannequin. De quoi attiser la curiosité des uns et des autres. Et …