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Oscar Race Edition | The Ultimate Girls Face-Off

Awards Season : Golden Globes, Critics Choice Awards, SAGs Wrap-up Oh what a week !! The award season is one of my favorite. First because I am addicted to Awards shows, I love red carpets like it’s cocaine, and I adore winners speeches like it’s heroine. I could watch every single of them again and again even if it’s 3 hours long. And thanks to the Internet you can sometimes find those sort of amazing treasures :

I Declare The Golden Globes Frenzy Open ! Here’s my predictions in pictures

It’s Golden Globe weekend! I love The GG show. The GG are like the Oscar’s foreplay, unless there’s more funny jokes , thanks to Tina & Amy. Yes Tina Fey and Amy Phoeler have done the impossible – they’ve secured hosting spots for the Golden Globes for the next two years in a row. They were absolutely awesome. So because this year we have strong players and hard campaigners ( Scorsese yes I am talking bout you!) the season must be really entertaining. Lainey has been covering this campaign days after days since October and it’s pretty interesting to understand the strategy for each movies. Some studio are whoring their actors really much under the light ( American Hustle, The Wolf of Wall Street, Her) some doesn’t, maybe because they doesn’t need to, because they are confident that the movie will secure an award by it self ( Blue Jasmine, Gravity ). Here’s my prediction !! FILM Best Motion Picture – Drama 12 Years A Slave 12 Years A Slave is considered, almost unanimously, the best film of …