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The MET Gala 2015 Dress Porn

ALL THE LOOKS FROM THE 2015 MET GALA Hey Dress Lovers ! It’s MET Ball Gala It’s one of my favourite Gala of the year. This year MET Ball Gala theme was : China: Through The Looking Glass. And the biggest hits of this night was given to Rira with her Maxi yellow cape, the see-through dress of Beyonce (who desperatly try to #breaktheinternet against that damn Kardashian/Jenner family who can’t stop stealing the spotlight! Damn them all!!) and here very naked dress, and the insane hat of Sarah Jessica Parker. No really… do we need to talk about that hat ?


  Do You Want To Get Majed By Alexa Chung ? I am in love with Maje clothes brand. I think it’s a bit Zara upgraded look-a-like and I dream that one day (soon enough) I will finally be able to go into a Maje store and not just pretend to buy a dress but really buying one (know what I mean !?). Anyway I am not a big fan of the Alexa Chung frenzy but I have to say that the “being Majed” concept is really cool plus, the collaboration with It-Girl du-jour works perfectly adding a British look to the french brand. Also you can win a trip to New York and a photoshoot…. Maje & Alexa Chung invite you to become the face of an amazing new project and win a trip to New York for a once-in-a-lifetime photo shoot. via Maje Facebook page Uhhhh the answer is YES YES YES I DO !!! (Source:

Fashion Magazine September Issue : Lady Gaga * Vogue

I made the review of the Septembre Issue fashion magazine big cover battle Vogue reveals his September issue cover with Lady Gaga as rumoured. THE September issue of Vogue is the biggest international collections issue ever to be produced you can imagine pressure when it’s time to choose the big celebrity who’s gonna sell the mag. So Vogue tittle it : ” Dream Girl: Lady Gaga Graces the September Issue of Vogue” I have no doubt Gaga will sell the shit, Gaga previously covered the March 2011 issue of the fashion bible, but now Gaga is evidently good enough for the September issue as well. But there’s nothing in that tittle that makes me dream about. Lady Gaga Classy? Grace ? Dream Girl? Except that she’s a big Hollywood star making money… but hey ! What is she doing right now? I have no clue. Celebitchy explains us the Gaga fatigue  before come-back : Speaking of Gaga fatigue, we’ve enjoyed a bit of a reprieve over the past handful of months from Her Weirdness, but it’s rather obvious that …

Fashion Magazine September Issue : Cover battle

Glamour choose Victoria Beckham,( Who no longer wants to be part of the big Spice Girls reunion Tour . She’s a fashion designer now.) Elle is doubling down on Katy Perry, whose new movie “Katy Perry: Part of Me,” made $11 million in its opening weekend. (Money maker that makes sense) W will go for Penelope Cruz , the star of Woody Allen’s latest film, “To Rome with Love,”. (Penelope always makes pretty classy cover) Vanity Fair is going with Jessica Chastain. ( DING DING PERFECT CHOICE !) Vogue’s September cover is rumoured to be pop star Lady Gaga, timed with the launch of her first fragrance. ( Lady Gaga sells but I still can’t stand her mini-mouse face) Cosmopolitan cover choose the cast of “Pretty Little Liars” . (Well WWD says Cosmo is the new seventeen.. makes sens since I used to read this shit to know how or why making a BJ when I was 15..) Harper’s Bazaar has shot Gwen Stefani ( Gives the girl a credit she’s trying to comeback..yeah trying. But she …

David Beckham : shirtless sex god. On ELLE Uk July Cover

Beckham brand is fascinating. He’s almost a chameleon: on one side you have a soccer player playing with balls for Samsung ads, on other side you have the fashion sex symbol (and also Posh’s husband) semi or completely nude promoting underwear or other stuff like that. Beckham really is a cash money maker! David Beckham : shirtless sex god. On ELLE Uk July Cover