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Rihanna : The Bad Girl Gone Dior

Rihanna & Fashion : After Balmain, Dior. “Celebrity is more important today than it used to be,” Oliver Rousteing Creative director of Balmain. Rihanna shares a long story with fashion and couture. The Grammy Award-winning singer is a certified fashion darling and she is very much loved by her fan has she is bold, raw and authentic. After Balmain and Puma, Riri’s the new (bad)face that Dior needed.

Marion. Dior. Bags. Marion. Dior. Bags

This is all I see in the new Marion Cotillard for “Lady Dior” Handbags 2013 Campaign by Jean-Baptiste Mondino. And basically this is all you need to remember : Beauty + Glamour + Marion + Handbags = Strong Dior Symbol. A statement on Dior’s website read: ‘She has been the face of the Lady Dior bag since 2008, the epitome of a sophisticated and vibrant woman. It was, of course, completely natural that Marion Cotillard would go on to design her own bag, her personal Lady Dior, as modern as it is timeless.’ I wrote about how the luxury brand process to choose the right “ambassadactress” before. Always goes for the best! With Nathalie, Marion, Charlize, Mila, and Jennifer (Lawrence not Aniston ha!!) But I always find that Marion’s Dior campaign were the best, and the video commercial are pure art for a real actress. Remember the short documentary: Marion Cotillard’s metamorphosis for Dior Read past post on the Dior celebrity ambassadorship strategy here

And the Oscars for best endorsements goes to : Dior Haute Couture

5 Oscars Girl, 1 strategy : The Hollywood Success There’s something extra, extra chic about the monochrome. To go all stark like this though is, and hear it in Andre Leon Talley’s voice, totally fashion courage. Lainey Gossip Jennifer Lawrence. Newly Best Actress winner for Silver Linings Playbook. And the “Gracefull Fall” Nathalie Portman : Best actress 2010 for Black Swan – She is now the face of Dior for Cosmetic line and Miss Dior. The new campaign – directed by Sofia Coppola and shot by Tim Walker Marion Cotillard Best Actress for “La vie en Rose” in  Lady Dior by Dior. Charlize Theron – Best Actress in 2009 for Monster She’s the face of perfume J’adore Dior since her big win. Mila Kunis “The exception” – face of Dior’s handbag line She had no nomination for supporting role at the Oscars but had a long awards season during Black Swan success in 2011. In October 2012,  the poor girl actually has been fired back ,supposedly because she gained 10 pounds and apparently was too …

Nathalie Portman * Diorskin Nude”

I talked about the other black swan for Miss Dior endorser the other day. But the case of Nathalie A.K.A Princess Swan is much more interesting. Nathalie has been the of face of several Dior product for more than a year and a half. Exactly right after her Oscar celebration. Starting with Miss Dior Chérie were she was also nude wearing just a black headband she distance herself with the perfum e brand because of the huge Galliano scandal at the moment “‘In light of this video, and as an individual who is proud to be Jewish, I will not be associated with Mr Galliano in any way.But it seems that the luxury brand pays good money that she still belong to them. Dior have stuck to a winning formula with their new advertising campaign by getting stunning actress Natalie Portman to pose naked. The Oscar-winner de-robed for the photo shoot with photographer Mario Sorrenti to promote the brand’s new Diorskin Nude range. [From The Mail] Celebitchy gives us an interesting critics on the print …