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Kate Bosworth is singing for TopShop

The description is saying ” A TopShop production featuring a performance by A-list Hollywood star, Kate Bosworth” Oh come on give me a break! Kate Bosworth is far from being an actual A-list Hollywood star. Can you name one movie she was in except the one where she’s suppose to be a surfer? Okay she’s in 21 (the movie about students making money playing .. ) anything else? Nothing, you see!? She’s a total B-looserlister and she should thanks A-lister Orlando Bloom and Alexander Askar she dated longtime ago. But anyway, I hear ya I hear ya.. you think I am an hater ? I have to admit this is actually a cute and sweet commercial in very much Topshop spirit mind (a bit H&M x Lana Del Rey look-a-like I would say). But it works! (Source: