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Iconic celebrity women in fashion campaigns

LARA STONE + KATE MOSS FOR BALENCIAGA’S FALL CAMPAIGN Source : CHER, WINONA RYDER AND WILLOW SMITH ARE THE NEW FACES OF MARC JACOBS It’s shaping up to be the campaign of the season. Marc Jacobs‘s fall campaign is beginning to take shape, and the designer has enlisted a number of his inspiring famous friends to pose in the campaign, cast by Anita Bitton and shot by Sims. Jacobs just took to Instagram to reveal the second star this season, 14-year-old Willow Smith, whose ad appears below ( KATY PERRY FOR MOSCHINO FALL/WINTER 15/16 Source : Donatella Versace is captured by Mert & Marcus for Givenchy Fall/Winter 2015/2016 Ad Campaign. KATE MOSS BY MERT & MARCUS FOR STELLA MCCARTNEY FALL/WINTER 14/15 Kristen Stewart, face of the CHANEL Spring-Summer 2015 Eyewear Campaign

Tips for building a successful partnership with celebrities and bloggers

For some brands, like Nike and H&M, writing large checks to prominent figures is a small price to pay for significant exposure and brand alignment with people who have their own powerful brands. But for other brands that are repositioning or transforming their image it can be a very delicate operation. We all agree with the fact that a celebrity must match up against an advertising objective, but the process of determining that propriety is very ambiguous. Read more : Best H&M Celebrities and Designers Collaborations Over the Years ♦ Celebrity vs Social Media Stars ? Celebrity or social media influencer selection involves more than just strategy; indeed, the engagement of a celebrity may demand a significant financial commitment as well. For both reasons, a systematic approach to the selection of an appropriate celebrity is an important practical task. The first interrogation is should we choose a celebrity with a big name recognition or a web influencer with a large online audience? Each brand as to be aware that beyond the high image recognition and persuasive impact …

Rihanna : The Bad Girl Gone Dior

Rihanna & Fashion : After Balmain, Dior. “Celebrity is more important today than it used to be,” Oliver Rousteing Creative director of Balmain. Rihanna shares a long story with fashion and couture. The Grammy Award-winning singer is a certified fashion darling and she is very much loved by her fan has she is bold, raw and authentic. After Balmain and Puma, Riri’s the new (bad)face that Dior needed.

The Rise of Lupita : Because She Worth It

I like Lupita Nyong’o. Everyone does, right? She’s great. This is not about her. It’s about what you might call the white liberal construction of Lupita Nyong’o. Lupita Nyong’o’s riveting performance in 12 Years a Slave skyrocketed the 31-year-old newcomer to the Hollywood A-list. Millions of women rejoiced at the prospect of a stunning woman of color becoming the belle of the ball, and the news that she’d been tapped by Lancôme cosmetics to be their new brand ambassador.

The Business of Music Festival – Marketing To The Millennials

It’s Coachella time!! It’s that time of the year were you start seeing a million pictures of hippie hobo post-spring breakers teenagers and celebrities putting their Coachella costume. Some call it a music festival. I call it the time of year when celebrities dress like assholes as Lainey Gossip (god of all gossip business) once wrote genuinely. Read More : #TIDALforALL Meant To Break The Music Industry – When Too Much Is Too Much ?

Beyond Celebrity Endorsement | Top 10 Celebrity Campaigns of 2014

LUPITA NYONG’O X LANCÔME Back on April, right after her successful Oscar season, Lupita won her first big contract with Lancôme. Huge deal. Huge move for both Lupita and Lancôme. PLUS. The first official print ad from Lupita Nyong’o’s Lancôme endorsement deal, came out on June. It’s got an ‘80s throwback vibe, like Lupita is consciously giving us a vintage Grace Jones look. (Celebitchy)

Does Celebrity Helped The ALS #icebucketchallenge ? Pros & Cons

This week the social feeds of everybody I know have been full of videos of people accepting and enacting the ALS challenge to dunk themselves in a bucket of ice water and/or donate USD100 to the cause. Celebrities and business people including Bill Gates, Chris Pratt, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga, have all done it. At the time I was writing this. pretty much every celebrity took part of the ‪#‎ALSIceBucketChalleng and it’s still going. Check the complete list HERE

Kristen Stewart vs Zoe Kravitz x Balenciaga

Rumors are going around about Kristen Stewart’s Balenciaga contract. Apparently god has heard my prayers and wondering to raise them all. Nicolas Ghesquiere’s Balenciaga creator has surprisingly left Balenciaga a month ago and now: Alexander Wang was just named the new creative director of the famed fashion house – and Wang definitely has less Twihardy urges. Like, Wang loves Michelle Obama and Zoe Kravitz. I could totally see Zoe replacing K-Stew as the face of Balenciaga. No kidding that after her catastrophic interview for the perfume she will be fired! In the other hand, Zoe Kravizt, daughter of actress Lisa Bonnet and Singer/Actor/hot Filf/handsome Lenny Kravitz, would definitely be a much better match for Balenciaga. I’ve been watching her since a couple of years now and she’s the perfect ho-bo-chic and it-girl. With her rocky but chic style she’s discrete but clean. She was endorsing Vera Wang perfume in 2010 and has done a campaign for clothes brand Eleven x Paris. This being said, KStew : OUT! Zoe IN ! Source : Celebitchy