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Best H&M Celebrities and Designers Collaborations Over the Years

Since 2004, the collaborations strategy has put H&M’s cheap and mainstream clothes brand in a all new dimension. Now shoppers seek out the limited edition celebrity endorsed or designed items. It’s called : Masstige !  The H&M formula is very simple. It’s a two-way commercial exchange, celebrity and designer get way more visibility and it’s a perfect occasion to extent their brand to a all new area or to reach new customers. And for H&M it’s a way to grow a very powerfull image and position themselves in every field that mass fashion H&M’s celebrity parternship goal:


  Do You Want To Get Majed By Alexa Chung ? I am in love with Maje clothes brand. I think it’s a bit Zara upgraded look-a-like and I dream that one day (soon enough) I will finally be able to go into a Maje store and not just pretend to buy a dress but really buying one (know what I mean !?). Anyway I am not a big fan of the Alexa Chung frenzy but I have to say that the “being Majed” concept is really cool plus, the collaboration with It-Girl du-jour works perfectly adding a British look to the french brand. Also you can win a trip to New York and a photoshoot…. Maje & Alexa Chung invite you to become the face of an amazing new project and win a trip to New York for a once-in-a-lifetime photo shoot. via Maje Facebook page Uhhhh the answer is YES YES YES I DO !!! (Source: