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Why Hollywood can’t stop to be white trash ? – The good girl gone bad edition

The Miley Cyrus Makeover : When a Disney Idol Meets Twerking and American Hip Hop’s Culture Source : jezebel When The Bling Bling Takes The Stage So THIS happened this weekend. The MTV VMA’s, one of THE most promotional show that rewards every goddamn popular music video  on Vevo. And after every edition the most-talked-about is the one who made the most controversial or awkward performance ( cf Brit Brit in 2007 with gimme more ) or had the most baddass attitude (cf Kanye West grabbing Taylor Swifty award in 2009 ). And this year the little blond one, Miley Cyrus – who looks more and more like a 12 year old gay boy, made the buzz. She absolutely won the media battle of who-are-we-gonna-talk-about-tomorrow because obviously this show is a total bore and nobody gives a shit of who won what except when scandalicious !! Miley, for better or worse, was the undisputed “winner” of the VMAs even though she didn’t actually win awards for any of her four Moon Man nominations. And we can’t stop, …

Marion. Dior. Bags. Marion. Dior. Bags

This is all I see in the new Marion Cotillard for “Lady Dior” Handbags 2013 Campaign by Jean-Baptiste Mondino. And basically this is all you need to remember : Beauty + Glamour + Marion + Handbags = Strong Dior Symbol. A statement on Dior’s website read: ‘She has been the face of the Lady Dior bag since 2008, the epitome of a sophisticated and vibrant woman. It was, of course, completely natural that Marion Cotillard would go on to design her own bag, her personal Lady Dior, as modern as it is timeless.’ I wrote about how the luxury brand process to choose the right “ambassadactress” before. Always goes for the best! With Nathalie, Marion, Charlize, Mila, and Jennifer (Lawrence not Aniston ha!!) But I always find that Marion’s Dior campaign were the best, and the video commercial are pure art for a real actress. Remember the short documentary: Marion Cotillard’s metamorphosis for Dior Read past post on the Dior celebrity ambassadorship strategy here

Lana Del Rey build a successful brand in 5 ways

Why is she getting so much attention ? Will she keep growing? 1. Brands made her a fashion ambassador She became the face of Mulberry, Chopard, H&M, Jaguar…. and was global face of H&M’s fall 2012 advertising and sang “blue velvet” as a homage to David Lynch’s movie. 2. She made tons of magazine covers: VOGUE (UK, Australia, China), GQ , Interview, TATLER, COMPLEX, SPIN, Billboard, T, NME, Q, INTRO, SANAT, Glamour, S Moda, WONDERLAND, ZOO etc 3. She has been name Woman Of The Year 2012 by GQ. 4. She has been named the Most Popular Woman On The Web of 2012 according to Google. 5. In 2012, Lana Del Rey comes in at No.1 with 722 million searches. And more to go ! Lana del Ray is everywhere, and she’s not going away anytime soon, she even said she wanted to stop singing and do screenwriting. So INDIE !