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Rihanna : The Bad Girl Gone Dior

Rihanna & Fashion : After Balmain, Dior. “Celebrity is more important today than it used to be,” Oliver Rousteing Creative director of Balmain. Rihanna shares a long story with fashion and couture. The Grammy Award-winning singer is a certified fashion darling and she is very much loved by her fan has she is bold, raw and authentic. After Balmain and Puma, Riri’s the new (bad)face that Dior needed.

Kardashian, Jenner, West : A Mega Family Brand

How Kardashian/Jenners went from F to A+ Brand 4 Years ago I read an article on Daily Mail on how Kris Jenner built a $65M family empire, and I knew at that time that this family would play a crucial role in the celebrity space. But back in 2011 I wouldn’t ever guess to what point they would become that powerful. Unless that today, one of the most famous of the Kardashian Klan had managed to be included in the very hot list of Time’s most influential people of the year. Kim Kardashian “The first lady of #fame” is among Pope France, Angela Merkel or Tim Cook one of the titans of our time. Read More: Beyond Kim Kardashian | The secret behind the “#breaktheinternet” hashtag.

The Good Boy Gone Bad Edition | Justin Bieber : The Youtube Star & the Millennials

 Part I : The Bieber Digital Brand storyline :Youtube, Twitter, Instagram ” Everybody can become a celebrity on Internet”. A Success Youtube Story. This is the new american dream motto, this is what it means to be a BELIEBER  : “Everyone who puts a video on Youtube can become famous. It’s this idea that if you have talent and if you make this talent visible then you can be voted in a “democratic” society to be a star. Read More : #WeNeedToTalkAbout : The New Bieber Perfume “Short Movie” Commercial.

Beyond Celebrity Couple Branding | Hating Kimye

Let’s have a toast for the douchebags, Let’s have a toast for the assholes, Let’s have a toast for the scumbags, Every one of them that I know. Let’s have a toast for the jerkoffs.That’ll never take work off. Baby, I got a plan Run away as fast as you can. (Runaway, Kanye West) 1) Celebrity Couple Branding Celebrities are here to sell. They sells products, brands, musics, movies, clothes, political views. etc. But what makes them still stronger than ever, is their capacity to tell compelling stories, stories that never ends.

Kate Bosworth is singing for TopShop

The description is saying ” A TopShop production featuring a performance by A-list Hollywood star, Kate Bosworth” Oh come on give me a break! Kate Bosworth is far from being an actual A-list Hollywood star. Can you name one movie she was in except the one where she’s suppose to be a surfer? Okay she’s in 21 (the movie about students making money playing .. ) anything else? Nothing, you see!? She’s a total B-looserlister and she should thanks A-lister Orlando Bloom and Alexander Askar she dated longtime ago. But anyway, I hear ya I hear ya.. you think I am an hater ? I have to admit this is actually a cute and sweet commercial in very much Topshop spirit mind (a bit H&M x Lana Del Rey look-a-like I would say). But it works! (Source:

Gwyneth Paltrow x Max Factor

I wrote about Gwyneth endorsements many times ( here ) and we now know that her brand identity is very well establish. How? Because Gwyneth is everything. She’s a perfect wife, perfect mother, perfect dad’s girl, perfect actress, perfect celebrity, perfect celebs friend, and a perfect women. Yes Gwyneth Paltrow is our 2012 superwoman. And she’s a blogger and bloggers are the journalist of the futur. G’s current multi-hyphenate branding – mom, actress, lifestyle guru, travel expert, foodie, whatever. Someone in a brainstorm meeting somewhere must have come up with the number 7. So everyone scrambled to find 7 identities because when they actually got down to work on it, they realised the most they could think of was 3. LaineyGossip And that what they did. She’s endorsing her first ads for Max Factor “The make-up for make-up artist” company that were released this week. The campaign features “7 looks”, the first of which is “the writer”. She describes it : “The writer persona is me going into town for a lunch or into London for …

Endorsement alert : Dior is putting $12 million in Robert Pattinson’s.

Kristen Stewart is the face of Balenciaga Florabotanica. Now the other half of ROBSTENISUNBROKEN Robert Pattinson has signed on to represent Dior fragrances. Laineygossip No fucking way !!!! After Brad Pitt for Chanel n°5 now Dior Homme get themselves a fuckingfakevampire and put 12 M for 3 years on him?!? Damn it damn it!! This shitty scandal really played in their favour. Some source tells them that RPattz “likes the brand.” More like RPattz likes the MONAAAAAAAAAAY. We should all be grateful that we’re living in a time when two people (read: KStew and RPattz) who probably smell like butt gravy and tonsil stones are getting millions of dollars to sell perfume. (Dlisted) AHAHHA ! According to E! it’s a 3 year deal worth $12 million, an interesting marketing strategy and one that clearly targets the female consumer for a men’s product. “Like… transferred aspiration” (LaineyGossip). Yes it’s a ” look at your man now back to RobPattz, now back at your men now back to ROBBBBB” markting strategy I guess. Unless that in this case girls …

Jennifer Aniston is doing smart business.

Jennifer Aniston has inked a deal with Living Proof, the Massachusetts-based hair care company, to serve as a spokesperson and product creator. (WWD) Jennifer Aniston has been a spokesmodel for L’Oreal and Smarter since 2007. She also launched her first fragrance with Falic Fashion Group in 2010. Jennifer and Smart Water was a perfect match. But now she’s doing real smart business with Living Proof.  Click here to read more about the partnership. Basically, they’re saying that, Jennifer Aniston is becoming co-owner of the company. Damn it she’s smart!!! I want a bigger share of what I’m selling. This is apparently what Aniston negotiated — her hair, widely considered to be her best physical feature, will represent the product and in exchange she becomes a major shareholder. Which is why that ring is on display in the first official photo released from Living Proof confirming the collaboration. LaineyGossip Yes the RING! This is always about the ring and always has been… Remember that Jennifer Aniston is “The Actress Whose Best Role is ‘Celebrity’” none of …