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Tips for building a successful partnership with celebrities and bloggers

For some brands, like Nike and H&M, writing large checks to prominent figures is a small price to pay for significant exposure and brand alignment with people who have their own powerful brands. But for other brands that are repositioning or transforming their image it can be a very delicate operation. We all agree with the fact that a celebrity must match up against an advertising objective, but the process of determining that propriety is very ambiguous. Read more : Best H&M Celebrities and Designers Collaborations Over the Years ♦ Celebrity vs Social Media Stars ? Celebrity or social media influencer selection involves more than just strategy; indeed, the engagement of a celebrity may demand a significant financial commitment as well. For both reasons, a systematic approach to the selection of an appropriate celebrity is an important practical task. The first interrogation is should we choose a celebrity with a big name recognition or a web influencer with a large online audience? Each brand as to be aware that beyond the high image recognition and persuasive impact …

Rihanna : The Bad Girl Gone Dior

Rihanna & Fashion : After Balmain, Dior. “Celebrity is more important today than it used to be,” Oliver Rousteing Creative director of Balmain. Rihanna shares a long story with fashion and couture. The Grammy Award-winning singer is a certified fashion darling and she is very much loved by her fan has she is bold, raw and authentic. After Balmain and Puma, Riri’s the new (bad)face that Dior needed.

Penélope Cruz X Schweppes – Decryptage d’un Teasing Viral Maitrisé

What Did You Expect ? Penélope Cruz !  Après Nicole Kidman en Bollywood, Uma Thurman en actrice aguicheuse, la nouvelle égérie de la saga Schweppes est Penélope Cruz en la jouant “lesbienne-lipstick” dans un style “Vicky, Christina”. Transfert et cross-over pour le troisième volet de la saga Schweppes, signé Fred&Farid Paris. Décryptage et décodage. Expect Nothing Big Schweppes et le traditionnel celebrity endorsing  C’est pratiquement devenu un rendez-vous annuel pour les marketeux de ce monde. Schweppes nous dévoile une nouvelle égérie pour cette nouvelle saison de promo. Ici Schweppes ne réinvente rien, c’est toujours la même recette : Un produit + une célébrité en vogue (mais pas trop cher et qui a elle-même besoin d’un petit coup de promo) + un scénario qui tient sur 1/2 page avec en prime une accroche prononcé du bout des lèvres (botoxées) par l’égérie = vous obtenez la recette de la bonne vieille stratégie classique du celebrity endorsing comme on l’aime. Schweppes nous vend sa boisson édulcorée à la manière d’un parfum. La vidéo scénarisée comme un mini-film a-la-Lady Dior nous rappel aisément toutes ces pubs où des égéries extrêmement glamourisées …

#WeNeedToTalkAbout : The New Bieber Perfume “Short Movie” Commercial.

Here’s my new category called #weneedtotalkabout . I often read or hear “Do we really need to about __[insert here the name of every pop, famewhore, rapper, celeb name] ? To what I immediately answer : Well yes we need ! Because they’re all over our goddam facebook feed so we need to talk about it ! Sooo…the Justin Bieber brand is on fire again. After showing you what to smell to become the next JB girlfriend in the oh-so-amazing Girlfriend commercial, the JB marketing team hits us again with their genius creativity (#not) in this new “short film” perfume commercial called THE KEY. THE KEY. They even create a special hastag for this mess #UNLOCKTHEDREAM. Do you really dream of a baby Bieber popping into your room without permission? Yeah ok I am-not-the-target. Anyway, they did it, they fucking did it again! They had to to create this “SHORT FILM” to sell the another JB perfume so that every crazy teenage girl under 16 will die to have this at Christmas Eve. And I dare you not to …

Celebrity Endorsement Of The Week – The Twillight Battle

Kristen Stewart for Balenciaga Florabotanica  VS Robert Pattinson for Dior Homme Check it out, the KStew latest ad for Balenciaga Florabotanica. While Pattinson’s slow jerk has lasted half the summer, Kristen Stewart’s latest fragrance reveal has been the exact opposite. (Lainey Gossip ) It’s got to be awkward. Awkward like Kristen. Everybody seems to be ok with the fact that she looks great. Much better than last time, it’s clear and it’s nude. So that means that instead of canceling their association with the scandalicious little one, Balenciaga team choose to reevaluate the power of her star image and do better this time. They still bet on the Twihard huge potential even if there is a Twilight extreme fatigue. So how did she managed to sign-up for a second Balenciaga ad campaign ?  Considering I thought she brought little to nothing to the Balenciaga table. The first ads were awful, and whenever Kristen tried to talk up the brand, she ended up fidgeting and walking out of the room. (celebitchy) Brands  associate their image with celebrities because they can benefits from …

Marion. Dior. Bags. Marion. Dior. Bags

This is all I see in the new Marion Cotillard for “Lady Dior” Handbags 2013 Campaign by Jean-Baptiste Mondino. And basically this is all you need to remember : Beauty + Glamour + Marion + Handbags = Strong Dior Symbol. A statement on Dior’s website read: ‘She has been the face of the Lady Dior bag since 2008, the epitome of a sophisticated and vibrant woman. It was, of course, completely natural that Marion Cotillard would go on to design her own bag, her personal Lady Dior, as modern as it is timeless.’ I wrote about how the luxury brand process to choose the right “ambassadactress” before. Always goes for the best! With Nathalie, Marion, Charlize, Mila, and Jennifer (Lawrence not Aniston ha!!) But I always find that Marion’s Dior campaign were the best, and the video commercial are pure art for a real actress. Remember the short documentary: Marion Cotillard’s metamorphosis for Dior Read past post on the Dior celebrity ambassadorship strategy here

Eva Longoria x Men Expert – Eva Shows Men How To Seduce Bossy Woman

One word : Hilarious! Eva brings Gabrielle “bossy woman” (from Desperate Housewives) back  in this commercial for L’Oreal Paris Men Expert in Valentine’s Day. Eva Longoria has been the face of many beauty campaigns but this one is totally different. L’Oreal took their favourite (ethnic) brand ambassador for a all new version of beauty advertising and they’re using HUMOUR ! You want to seduce me? Let me teach you how!