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The Disney Machine : Good Girl Goes Bad In Hollywood

Rising stars are dissected quickly, while they’re rising, the result being that they almost never  have a moment of unfettered glory. [1] Pop culture consumption has increased in speed and also in density. The Disney Star machine produce tons of starlets at an early age and some of them reach a certain success and make it work. And with the rise of internet and social media their career have never been that exposed. They are fastly growing rising to the top and falling through the eyes of Us Weekly, Just Jared and TMZ. From Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling & Christina Aguillera in the 90s to Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Effron, have dominated teenage hearts for the past decade. They all follows somehow somewhat somewhere a similar pathways career . Some of this super kids turns out to be highest pop stars of 2000’s, while some managed to be real good actors, others made B-list movies and pop songs. Most of the time they gain high visibility by being on top of …

New Cover : Lana Del Rey Goes Nude On “GQ”

Celebrity’s going up > Lana Del Rey is named GQ’s Woman of the Year and goes nude on GQ’s cover October issue. There’s nothing better than a good old nude cover that say “here it’s only me-myself-and-I“.And it sells! GQ saying LDR wants to make a little move with her career, because you know that today, you definitely can’t just be a soul singer a-la-Nancy-Sinatra unless you really have some talent (which is not exactly the case of our dear LDR and she knows it!).  She now wants to be a screenwriter, which makes sense since she claims she always writes her own video clip and moreover became celeb with her famous  hippy Hollywood video “Video Games”. Lana Del Rey’s getting ready to move on from music to become a Hollywood screenwriter, but before she bails on her successful singing career, she wants to make sure you know exactly what she looks like— in the nude! Well done here LDR! New Cover : Lana Del Rey Goes Nude On “GQ”