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Be Ready For The Oscars

I Know what you are gonna says. “What The Oscars ?! So annoying. I am so not watching this BS show, I don’t give a damn s*** about The Oscars”. But I know, you know, everyone knows you are lying !! WHy? Because you cannot resist watching all of those celebrities walking down the aisle the red carpet, wearing Best/worst couture dresses and promoting best designers, the same that were at the NY fashion show last week, and promoting movies you will run to watch in theaters because they won best [incert Award of your choice] at the Oscars. You cannot escape it. This is the power of TV. This the power of entertainment. This is Celebrity power . Photo : Fubiz

Fashion Magazine February Issue : Cover Battle (decoded)

Update ! Beyonce on GQ Cover It’s the last minute cover that just went out today! Bey on the cover of GQ by Terry Richardson. It is for sure a very sexy cover a bit Rihanna Look-a-like (Remember Rihanna’s December cover half naked ?). It’s perfectly in time for Beyonce that will be performing at the 2013 Super Bowl which airs on Feb. 3. ( look at the super mini T-shirt she’s wearing, is it a footballer shirt?). Jessica Chastain on the InStyle February Issue The new Chastain is learning how to play the game. Jessica Chastain is predicted for an Oscar nomination for Best Actress ( Zero Dark Thirty ) so she has to upgrade her image a bit and became a real Hollywood star, not just an actress. She also needs to enhance her fashion potential and sell more than just acting skills: It’s sad that the Hollywood system doesn’t let young actresses JUST be actresses at this point, they also have to have some personal stuff to sell, some drama, some fashion sense, and they have …