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From Angelina Jolie to Amal Clooney : A Brand Transformation

What does Angelina Jolie-Pitt & Amal Clooney have in common ? Two women, two stories. They both drastically managed and transformed their image in the past years by building and developing a strong ” Brand Biography” through the medias. Angelina Jolie : From wild actress to movie director Angelina Jolie has the best publicity game in Hollywood. Her image slowly changed, through the years, going from the bad mistress, sexy savor, man eater to the Good Wife, Good Mother, Good Women, Good Actress, Good Human. She was acclaimed for her double mastectomy and depicted as a role model for her New York Times piece. She build her fiction character persona through the story of her real life. That’s the Jolie Effect. The most famous actress on earth, now a movie director, was once a wild Hollywood child turned wild actress later on. A persona shaped in scandalous gossip of sex drug & rock’n’roll. In 2005, she shockingly became the most famous homewrecker of Hollywood, seducing one of the sexiest husband at the time and is now known as the most …

Caitlyn : The Ultimate Underdog

How the Kardashian/ Jenner klan keeps the internet obsessed with them ? In the last few years, ex-Bruce Jenner has been an ancillary but vivid participant in the bizarre public spectacle that is the Kardashian family.  But last week she #broketheinternet like her stepdaughter did months ago, by publicly transitioning from male to female and coming out officially in the July issue of Vanity Fair. HOLLY BOMB GIRL! Read More : Kardashian, Jenner, West : A Mega Family Brand

Oscars 2014 Wrap-up | Best Awards Acceptance Speeches – The Directors

How f*cking cute is Steve McQueen? The jumping up and down? It was indeed a director/film split between Gravity and 12 Years A Slave with Alfonso Cuaron taking Best Director and the right film being immortalized. Steve Mc Queen Steve McQueen wins best motion picture for 12 Years A Slave “I dedicate this to all the people who have endured slavery and for the 21 million people still suffering slavery today. Everybody deserves not just to survive, but to live.” – Powerful words to end on. McQueen is my director revelation. I discovered his work with Shame. Which I shamely enjoyed and adored. I love his way to transcribe emotions and I love the sensibility and the deepness he uses to address subjects such as slavery (12 Years A Slave), sex addiction (Shame) or excruciating hunger strike (Hunger). 12 Years a Slave may not be the best film about slavery but it was indubitably the best film to see this year. Anne Helen Petersen wrote a great piece on how important it is that you watch 12 years a slave. …