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Does Celebrity Helped The ALS #icebucketchallenge ? Pros & Cons

This week the social feeds of everybody I know have been full of videos of people accepting and enacting the ALS challenge to dunk themselves in a bucket of ice water and/or donate USD100 to the cause. Celebrities and business people including Bill Gates, Chris Pratt, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga, have all done it. At the time I was writing this. pretty much every celebrity took part of the ‪#‎ALSIceBucketChalleng and it’s still going. Check the complete list HERE

The Good Boy Gone Bad Edition | Justin Bieber : The Youtube Star & the Millennials

 Part I : The Bieber Digital Brand storyline :Youtube, Twitter, Instagram ” Everybody can become a celebrity on Internet”. A Success Youtube Story. This is the new american dream motto, this is what it means to be a BELIEBER  : “Everyone who puts a video on Youtube can become famous. It’s this idea that if you have talent and if you make this talent visible then you can be voted in a “democratic” society to be a star. Read More : #WeNeedToTalkAbout : The New Bieber Perfume “Short Movie” Commercial.

Beyond Celebrity At Made in Blog Campus – First Edition

 Taking A Break From Gossip I’ve been kind of low profile this past weeks for two good reason : I am looking for new professional opportunities (everyone who ever had been into the job hunting game once knows what I am talking about!) and I came back from a trip to my 2dn home country : Montreal. So, for once this post will be not gossiply/celebrity related. This time I will take the opportunity to write about my experience as being a professional blogger. Last week I attended the Made in blog Campus, the first 100% blogging conference. A Passion For Blogging What’s reaaaally really fun in being a blogger (except for the fact that you spend a zillion hours working on it for free #sic) is that you can talk, write, read, and share your passion with others and realize that the “crap” you may write can sometimes SOMETIMES interest others. That’s what I do, and that’s why I keep doing it. The second thing I love in blogging is to meet other bloggers (who also work full time for free in the name of passion!). And that’s …

Beyond Celebrity Couple Branding | Hating Kimye

Let’s have a toast for the douchebags, Let’s have a toast for the assholes, Let’s have a toast for the scumbags, Every one of them that I know. Let’s have a toast for the jerkoffs.That’ll never take work off. Baby, I got a plan Run away as fast as you can. (Runaway, Kanye West) 1) Celebrity Couple Branding Celebrities are here to sell. They sells products, brands, musics, movies, clothes, political views. etc. But what makes them still stronger than ever, is their capacity to tell compelling stories, stories that never ends.

De Naomi Campbell à Kate Moss : La société des supermodèles.

Voici un extrait de mon mémoire sur l’univers du mannequinat et sur la formation d’image et d’identité de marque-personne dans ce champ. La mode et le mannequinat ont depuis toujours délivrés une interprétation de l’image de la femme au sein de notre société. Les super-mannequins des années 80 et 90 tels que Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Gia, Naomi Campbell et Kate Moss représentaient l’image suprême de la vision que porte la mode sur la femme. Ce champs observe une structure fascinante dans laquelle la femme, son esthétique, son rôle, sa représentation, son comportement et son image sont au coeur de cet univers. Rupture et révolution dans le champ de la mode « The supermodel was the new celebrity for the 90s »(Kendall, 2004: 93).

Penélope Cruz X Schweppes – Decryptage d’un Teasing Viral Maitrisé

What Did You Expect ? Penélope Cruz !  Après Nicole Kidman en Bollywood, Uma Thurman en actrice aguicheuse, la nouvelle égérie de la saga Schweppes est Penélope Cruz en la jouant “lesbienne-lipstick” dans un style “Vicky, Christina”. Transfert et cross-over pour le troisième volet de la saga Schweppes, signé Fred&Farid Paris. Décryptage et décodage. Expect Nothing Big Schweppes et le traditionnel celebrity endorsing  C’est pratiquement devenu un rendez-vous annuel pour les marketeux de ce monde. Schweppes nous dévoile une nouvelle égérie pour cette nouvelle saison de promo. Ici Schweppes ne réinvente rien, c’est toujours la même recette : Un produit + une célébrité en vogue (mais pas trop cher et qui a elle-même besoin d’un petit coup de promo) + un scénario qui tient sur 1/2 page avec en prime une accroche prononcé du bout des lèvres (botoxées) par l’égérie = vous obtenez la recette de la bonne vieille stratégie classique du celebrity endorsing comme on l’aime. Schweppes nous vend sa boisson édulcorée à la manière d’un parfum. La vidéo scénarisée comme un mini-film a-la-Lady Dior nous rappel aisément toutes ces pubs où des égéries extrêmement glamourisées …

Two Royal Queens

Originally posted on googleheimers:
Kate Moss wanted this photo-shoot to happen for a long time and finally it did. CatherineDeneuve?! She has excellent taste. Beautiful combination. They are both so, so different… Catherine Deneuve (70) and Kate Moss (40), photographed at the Shangri-La Hotel in Paris for Vanity Fair, Feb (Patrick Demarchelier, 2014) Below, Catherine Deneuve, photographed for New York Magazine, Feb 25 (Dominique Isserman, 2014) Full slide show here

Welcome To The Uncle Terry’s Jungle

Before you read this post I must warn you and preserve you. This will content lots of NSFW and uncensored pics. Lots of erotic and trash stories. But beyond all your concerns I know you guys will enjoy it… so take a shot of Fashion porn and welcome into Uncle Terry’s Creepy Jungle : Fashion Horror Story Aaaaand it’s about time !  The newest ‘Terry Richardson creepy model sex’ story is out! And this time it’s worst than ever. (Click to read here, here; here and here and HERE AND HERE …and I am sure there’s more !!)

Beyond The Oscars | 3 Ways for Brands to Win The Oscars

3 rules we can learn from the best brand placement at the Oscars The TV industry is experiencing a sea change and advertising, as we have known it, is threatened as in no other historical period (Brand Channel) The Oscars hit a 10-year high in viewership, watched by an average of 43 million people, up from 40.4 million in 2013 ( During those recent years, it appears that the Academy Awards is becoming increasingly desirable as a marketing platform. Since commercials are becoming more and more expansive to produce but are less and less viewed, brands have to innovate in order to engage with the multi-connected audience and go beyond the traditional broadcasted commercials. Having products appear in a program—product placement—has been a part of the TV business since the early days of the medium. Commercials breaks are boring to hell and social media ease the viewer to skip them. Today, product integrations, also known as content marketing or branded entertainment is at the epitome of glory and let the marketers to break free during the show. …