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Top 15 Kate Moss shots by Terry Richardson

I swear, she only uses two “model-faces” throughout the whole shoot. Her two looks: “Wow, I did too much coke last night” and “OMG, I shouldn’t have just done all that coke.” You know that’s exactly what Kate and Terry did “on location in Jamaica.” They did lines and wandered around on the beach._ Dlisted Miss Moss Harper’s Bazaar cover, shot by Terry Richardson (US June/July 2012). Hilarious !!

#WeNeedToTalkAbout : The New Bieber Perfume “Short Movie” Commercial.

Here’s my new category called #weneedtotalkabout . I often read or hear “Do we really need to about __[insert here the name of every pop, famewhore, rapper, celeb name] ? To what I immediately answer : Well yes we need ! Because they’re all over our goddam facebook feed so we need to talk about it ! Sooo…the Justin Bieber brand is on fire again. After showing you what to smell to become the next JB girlfriend in the oh-so-amazing Girlfriend commercial, the JB marketing team hits us again with their genius creativity (#not) in this new “short film” perfume commercial called THE KEY. THE KEY. They even create a special hastag for this mess #UNLOCKTHEDREAM. Do you really dream of a baby Bieber popping into your room without permission? Yeah ok I am-not-the-target. Anyway, they did it, they fucking did it again! They had to to create this “SHORT FILM” to sell the another JB perfume so that every crazy teenage girl under 16 will die to have this at Christmas Eve. And I dare you not to …

Celebrity Endorsement Of The Week – The Twillight Battle

Kristen Stewart for Balenciaga Florabotanica  VS Robert Pattinson for Dior Homme Check it out, the KStew latest ad for Balenciaga Florabotanica. While Pattinson’s slow jerk has lasted half the summer, Kristen Stewart’s latest fragrance reveal has been the exact opposite. (Lainey Gossip ) It’s got to be awkward. Awkward like Kristen. Everybody seems to be ok with the fact that she looks great. Much better than last time, it’s clear and it’s nude. So that means that instead of canceling their association with the scandalicious little one, Balenciaga team choose to reevaluate the power of her star image and do better this time. They still bet on the Twihard huge potential even if there is a Twilight extreme fatigue. So how did she managed to sign-up for a second Balenciaga ad campaign ?  Considering I thought she brought little to nothing to the Balenciaga table. The first ads were awful, and whenever Kristen tried to talk up the brand, she ended up fidgeting and walking out of the room. (celebitchy) Brands  associate their image with celebrities because they can benefits from …

Celebrities endorsement of the month – July and August

Celebrities create attention and bring prestige to brands, and may encourage higher recall (Erdogan, 1999; Tom et al., 1992). Michelle Williams post Marilyn in Louis Vuitton ads The campaign marks Ms Williams’ first major fashion endorsement, aside from a brief spell as an ambassador for Band of Outsiders for spring/summer 2012.  Best known for her roles in “Brokeback Mountain” and “My Week With Marilyn,” Williams is currently filming “Suite Française” (WWD). Williams is in her way up and confirms her bankable stars statuts by endorsing her first luxury brand. Well done Michelle ! James Dean 2.0 for Gucci eyewear James Franco will front the Italian brand’s eyewear campaign for fall. The Seventies-inspired aviators are a sophisticated evolution of the classic Bamboo version launched for spring 2013 (WWD). Is a  James Dean ( and not James Deen) biopic soon-to-be produce or something because James Franco is showing absolute lookalike with the iconic 70’s hollywood hot star. Jennifer Aniston sans fard for Living Proof Have you seen the little buzz last week of Jennifer instagramming herself without make up ? Yep J Aniston …

Saint Laurent: When Fashion Meets Old Rock Icons

The Saint Laurent house is getting back to its roots with new campaign stars like Marilyn Manson, Courtney Love, and Ariel Pink in self-styled looks. (WWD)—RAY SIEGEL BRAND STORY – The origin of the brand According to Saint Laurent, the house’s ties to the rock world were cemented in 1971, when the founding couturier dressed Mick Jagger and his wife-to-be Bianca for their nuptials in Saint-Tropez. Slimane revived the tradition during his first stint at YSL in the late Nineties and made it a leitmotif of his fashion career at Dior Homme, dressing rockers including The Libertines, The Kills and Franz Ferdinand over the years. (WWD)  Fashion Designer and Photographer Hedi Slimane understands YSL’s history with Rock Royalty. You may want to see more picture of trashy rocky HERE (Slimane’s ongoing photography project ‘Rock Diary’.) THE MEANING – Fashion meets rock The Glorification of rock’n’ roll, drugs, and provocation is not new and still very efficient to put some light on the brand and creating a  little buzz. Saint Laurent here is using the sacralization …

The Curious Case Of Jennifer Aniston | Brand – Person Analysis

Jennifer Aniston is the most celebrity stunt of all celebrity stunts that exist on this planet. According to Vulture, she is a tabloid star with a perfect understanding of the public relations machine. Her latest commercial for Aveeno debuted on Oscar night. This advertisement is more promoting Aniston being her own manager , publicist, PR etc… than the product itself. Have you noticed that we barely see or hear about the product that she supposedly is endorsing? If you read the advertisement correctly, it tells exactly what the Aniston Brand is: she’s the actress who’s best role is being a ‘Celebrity’. 

Best H&M Celebrities and Designers Collaborations Over the Years

Since 2004, the collaborations strategy has put H&M’s cheap and mainstream clothes brand in a all new dimension. Now shoppers seek out the limited edition celebrity endorsed or designed items. It’s called : Masstige !  The H&M formula is very simple. It’s a two-way commercial exchange, celebrity and designer get way more visibility and it’s a perfect occasion to extent their brand to a all new area or to reach new customers. And for H&M it’s a way to grow a very powerfull image and position themselves in every field that mass fashion H&M’s celebrity parternship goal:

Tout Frais : Vanessa Paradis x H&M Conscious

Après Lana Del Rey collection d’automne, David Beckham collection lingerie Homme et Laetitia collection lingerie Femme, c’est au tour de la chanteuse française de collaborer avec la marque Suédoise. Le pitch: “Vanessa qui nage dans l’herbe, les cheveux ébouriffés style sauvageonne, dans une habitation abandonnée ou la nature envahit l’espace reprenant ses droits.” Mon dieu que c’est PLATE! Vanessa Paradis en nouvelle  égérie éco-responsable pour la collection eco-friendly a soudainement quelque chose de très ennuyant. Comme si depuis la fin du couple phare des années 2000 Vanessa/ Johnny, le plus désiré, le plus envié, le plus adoré, la chanteuse de “Joe le Taxis” ne nous ferait plus rêver. Et au même moment on entends souffler le vent de la rumeur de “l’autre blonde”, l’américaine Amber Heard avec qui Johnny c’était rapidement consolé de sa rupture d’avec Vanessa. Amber, actrice montante, rebelle, rocky, délavée et supposément bisexuelle (donc dépravée) dévale les Champs Élysée en scooter avec la fille DeVillepin, plantureuse, blonde (elle aussi décidément), mannequin. De quoi attiser la curiosité des uns et des autres. Et …