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The real Problem of Star Trek Beyond

So I went to see Star Trek Beyond Monday night. It was OK. Not boring but not great. I felt it had the same story as the second movie, and a few jokes here and there to make it easier on us to pass the 2 hours mark. And as in the second one, it was heavily centered around white male characters.  It was almost like watching Mission Impossible 5 again – as both had a predominantly white cast and featured Simon Pegg. Now what I don’t understand is how you can have a film set in the future, as well as in space and the main characters still manage to be white males.

There’s something really wrong with Hollywood.


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In the past few years we have seen an increase in character diversity,  with more Person of color (POC)  characters getting the main role and also with female characters having more substance (hello Lupita ndrl).  But lately I feel like Hollywood is casting POC and women for the buzz  just to end up dumping them as minor characters,  cameos,  or try to kill two birds with one stone by making them homosexual or disabled as well.

This is what happened with this movie.


(Lainey Gossip)

First we have John Cho.  Look at this guy being effortlessly handsome just walking down the street. I love him as an actor and I was really excited to see that he had been cast as Sulu.  However, after seeing three Star Trek movies, I can say that he has been severely underutilized in that franchise. Which is a total pity,  considering how #StarringJohnCho went viral a few months ago.  And then they decided to make him homosexual in this movie. I understand that they might have wanted to give homage to the original actor playing Sulu, George Takei, but John had some concerns that also echoed in my mind.

And secondly, I was concerned that Asians and Asian Americans might see it as a sort of continuing feminization of Asian men. Asian American men, Asian men have been basically eunuchs in American cinema and television, and I thought maybe it would be seen as a continuation of that. (AV)

He also adds

Thirdly, I was concerned that because this is the same genetic Sulu—although we’re in an alternate timeline—that we would be inadvertently implying that sexual orientation was a choice. So those were my areas of concern.

If Spock had been gay, people would have talked about this for ages. It seems that no one noticed that John Cho plays an homosexual character in this movie. This fact had casually been put under the rug, showing us the extent of Hollywood’s imagination and how little they thought of developing Jonh Cho’s character.



Then we have Uhura.  The whole Spock-Uhura relationship is – excuse my French – a whole clusterfuck, essentially. Technically they’re still not officially a couple. This is something that should please all the trolls  who are still debating whether or not they are canon. It just helps to prove that the antiblackness on the Internet is real and alive. I mean Spock is not even human!

Uhura is the perfect example of an underdeveloped character. After three movies, I am still  confused on what her role on the fleet is supposed to be,  except for her playing the Smurfette Principle trope in a mainly male team. Zoe Saldana is probably very satisfied with what’s been given to her, hoping it will help us forget that whole Nina Simone mess.


(Screen Rants)

Let’s talk about Sofia Boutella, playing  a new character named Jaylah. I was really excited to see her character, as  I loved her in Kingsman, The Secret Service. However it seems like her character was as developed as Uhura’s. She is that kick ass girl with a sad background who wants revenge,  just another Smurfette Principle trope to balance the testosterone. Besides being another POC, she was under so much makeup that if I had not known before,  I wouldn’t have recognized her.

And that brings me to, paired with a little bit of spoilers, the last character, Idris’.Idris Elba has been showing up to the premieres looking like he doesn’t really give a f*ck and after seeing the movie I completely understand his nonchalance. He was the main reason I showed up to the movie and he ended up playing the villain – thankfully with no heavy accent – under such a big amount of makeup that he was completely unrecognizable. It’s only because I read a review that I knew he was playing the bad guy, otherwise I would have spent the whole movie wondering when he’d show up.

Now compare the treatment Idris got into the third installment versus the second one, where they cast Benedict Cumberbatch – playing a villain that was originally supposed to be “Indian”.

Hollywood really needs to get its sh*t straight.

Leslie Jones quits but then comes back on Twitter

Note from – BeyondElo,

Hello dear followers. Yes is back. and here’s  the first blog post in one year wrote by my dear co-writer : TK.

Lots of love and gossips y’all!

I went to see Ghostbusters when it came out, even if I originally hadn’t planned too. I was pleasantly surprised, as it was hilarious – especially the first part. It was also the first time I was introduced to Leslie Jones.


Ghostbusters has been plagued from bad press since way before it came out. First by the “nostalgics” who couldn’t understand the gender-bender remake, threatening to go en masse to Rotten Tomatoes to add bad critics as well as boycotting the movie. Then it was all about Leslie Jones… Why was she the only member of the group who is not a scientist, but a “street-smart” POC character?

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when Leslie got public, saying that no designer came forward to dress her for the premiere. Enters Christian Siriano, who came to the rescue, and I have to say that she looked stunning in her dress, proving the point that you don’t need to be standard sized to get a nice dress.



And then last week, she made history again by having Twitter bar the user leading the racist attacks against her on the platform. Leslie kept retweeting all the attacks she had been going through during the day and then quit the social media. People started to compare her situation to Taylor Swift‘s on Instagram, where the comments calling out her a snake were all deleted, forcing Twitter to take action.

Looks like she couldn’t stay away from Twitter for long. I guess you cannot really quit social media while you’re promoting a movie. Bad publicity is still publicity, isn’t it?


The Rise of Lupita : Because She Worth It

I like Lupita Nyong’o. Everyone does, right? She’s great.

This is not about her. It’s about what you might call the white liberal construction of Lupita Nyong’o.

Lupita Nyong’o’s riveting performance in 12 Years a Slave skyrocketed the 31-year-old newcomer to the Hollywood A-list. Millions of women rejoiced at the prospect of a stunning woman of color becoming the belle of the ball, and the news that she’d been tapped by Lancôme cosmetics to be their new brand ambassador.

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De Célébrité à Marque-Personne | Les Fondations

Depuis le temps que je tiens ce blogue, je me suis rendu compte que je n’avais jamais écris sur les fondements de ce  fabuleux concept qu’est la Marque-Personne.

Du haut de mon petit blogue, et de mon article publié l’année dernière avec ma merveilleuse directrice de maîtrise Marie-Agnès Parmentier sur les effets d’un scandale sur une marque-personne, je deviens petit à petit experte en la matière (ce qui me plait énormément!). Du coup, je reçois de plus en plus de questions sur le sujet. En fait, la plupart des gens qui s’intérrogent sur ce concept sont déjà en train de construire leur propre marque sans le savoir….


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The MET Gala 2015 Dress Porn


Hey Dress Lovers ! It’s MET Ball Gala

It’s one of my favourite Gala of the year. This year MET Ball Gala theme was : China: Through The Looking Glass. And the biggest hits of this night was given to Rira with her Maxi yellow cape, the see-through dress of Beyonce (who desperatly try to #breaktheinternet against that damn Kardashian/Jenner family who can’t stop stealing the spotlight! Damn them all!!) and here very naked dress, and the insane hat of Sarah Jessica Parker. No really… do we need to talk about that hat ?

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Kardashian, Jenner, West : A Mega Family Brand

How Kardashian/Jenners went from F to A+ Brand

4 Years ago I read an article on Daily Mail on how Kris Jenner built a $65M family empire, and I knew at that time that this family would play a crucial role in the celebrity space. But back in 2011 I wouldn’t ever guess to what point they would become that powerful. Unless that today, one of the most famous of the Kardashian Klan had managed to be included in the very hot list of Time’s most influential people of the year. Kim Kardashian “The first lady of #fame” is among Pope France, Angela Merkel or Tim Cook one of the titans of our time.

krismas kard

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From Angelina Jolie to Amal Clooney : A Brand Transformation

What does Angelina Jolie-Pitt & Amal Clooney have in common ?

Two women, two stories.

They both drastically managed and transformed their image in the past years by building and developing a strong ” Brand Biography” through the medias.


Angelina Jolie : From wild actress to movie director

Angelina Jolie has the best publicity game in Hollywood.

Her image slowly changed, through the years, going from the bad mistress, sexy savor, man eater to the Good Wife, Good Mother, Good Women, Good Actress, Good Human. She was acclaimed for her double mastectomy and depicted as a role model for her New York Times piece. She build her fiction character persona through the story of her real life. That’s the Jolie Effect.

The most famous actress on earth, now a movie director, was once a wild Hollywood child turned wild actress later on. A persona shaped in scandalous gossip of sex drug & rock’n’roll. In 2005, she shockingly became the most famous homewrecker of Hollywood, seducing one of the sexiest husband at the time and is now known as the most powerful couple of Hollywood.

Jennifer Aniston & Brangelina have always shared a strong story brand. Each year since the big breakup brought us millions of cover of speculation on their life. And it has strongly forged their brand image.  For more than 10 years, these three have been at it, none of their movies are more interesting than their personal life. So Angie is making a movie about it. About a couple who deals with a crisis in their marriage while staying at a peaceful seaside resort in 1970s France. Very Brangie. Have you seen the trailer ? Can you see the difference between fiction and reality? All I see is Brad Pitt and Angie Jo !

Angelina Jolie plays the celebrity game better than anyone else in the business.

Jolie’s image mixed dangerous sexuality… and benevolent humanitarianism. It sounds ridiculous. But it was precisely that combination, and the flexibility it permitted, that allowed Jolie to not only weather one of the biggest potential scandals of the decade, but facilitated her rise to superstardom. (Angelina Jolie’s Perfect Game by Anne Helen Petersen.)

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Amal Clooney : From Human Rights Lawyer to Red Carpet Fashionista

Amal Alamuddin Clooney, is breaking with the formula in so many ways.

Lawyer Amal Clooney Mohamed Nasheed

Amal Alamuddin Clooney, the human rights’ lawyer. Amal Alamuddin, the really smart, well-educated, really well-respected barrister specializing in international law.

Since her very mediatized wedding with Mr Hollywood, she has been in the news. She even became The “Most Fascinating Person of 2014”.

She’s suddenly in that stratosphere that we reserve for the Jackie O’s and the Angie Jo’s and Kate Middleton’s. Everything she does, says or wears is officially fascinating._ Barbara Walters

What I love most about her is that her new celebrity status helped raise awareness to very important causes like helping fight ISIS in the Maldives.

Amal’s case profile includes:

  • Mrs Clooney represents Mr Nasheed who has been jailed on terror charges
  • Representing Yulia Tymoshenko, former Ukrainian Prime Minister, in human rights claim concerning her politically-motivated prosecution and detention in Ukraine.
  • Mohamed Fahmy – Journalist from Al Jazeera English television network detained in Egypt following an unfair trial

Source : doughtystreet 

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More Celebrity Couple Branding 

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Cover of the month : Jaden & Willow Smith for Interview magazine

In another post-apocalyptic editorial, Jaden & Willow Smith say some very mature words under the guidance of Pharrell Williams.

I haven’t read the article entirely, but I was extremely drawn to that entirely black clothes editorial, with them being so intimately close and embracing each other. It’s like they were the same person, which I guess is kind of true when you are siblings.

But enough talking, enjoy the pictures!

The interview is here.

How Rihanna’s night turned into Beyonce’s

Last week was the MTV’s Video Music Awards (VMAs) where Rihanna was honored by getting the VMA’s Vanguard Award. She got to perform 4 sets of medleys, each one with a specific tone. She was, however,  “dethroned” by Beyonce whose performance was on everybody’s lips the day after.

Queen Bey made a huge impression on the red carpet, where she showed up not only accompanied by her daughter Blue Ivy but also by Mike Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden-Head;  Trayvon Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton; Oscar Grant’s mother, Wanda Johnson; and Eric Garner’s mother, Gwen Carr. beyonce-blue-ivy-mtv-vma-red-carpet-2016-billboard-1548


She also got to interpret most of the songs from her mini-album Lemonade in a near 17 minutes performance !!  She celebrated her womanhood, her motherhood and especially her blackness.

Congratulations to Beyonce for getting 8 awards that night and being the talk of the town the day after. All this while maintaining that aura of mystery around her. This is what you call true star power!

Sorry Rihanna! It was supposed to be your night. And let’s not talk about Britney‘s “comeback”. Poor her, as she had to go just after Beyonce‘s performance.

Watch Brit Brit’ VMA performance here 

Watch Riri’s VMA perforamnce here

Cover of the month : Rihanna for W September

It’s almost the end of August and it means that it is back to school for a lot of people. It also means that September is coming and that the most anticipated publications of the year have already started hitting the stand.

This year, one cover really stood out from the others. It is Rihanna’s cover for W magazine. In a Mad Max inspired theme, Rihanna is looking really amazing – as always!

Her being on the cover is an excellent choice. This year has been very good for Rihanna, if we compare her to some of her peers. Even if she fell out a little bit in term of street fashion in my opinion and didn’t get photographed as much, she didn’t get into any scandals, sold millions of copies of her new CD, got a successful tour and even got into a relationship! She just got rewarded with the MTV Vanguard Awards this past Sunday at the MTV Music Video Awards.

She’s also doing very well in term of fashion partnership, with her Dior contract and her new sunglasses which just came out. Let’s not forget her Puma x Fenty collaboration! Wishing her the best for the rest of the year and I have to say that she is rocking this face jewelry. I expect this trend to start picking up soon.



Iconic celebrity women in fashion campaigns


Source :


It’s shaping up to be the campaign of the season.

Marc Jacobs‘s fall campaign is beginning to take shape, and the designer has enlisted a number of his inspiring famous friends to pose in the campaign, cast by Anita Bitton and shot by Sims. Jacobs just took to Instagram to reveal the second star this season, 14-year-old Willow Smith, whose ad appears below (



Source :

Donatella Versace is captured by Mert & Marcus for Givenchy Fall/Winter 2015/2016 Ad Campaign.

Donatella Versace is captured by Mert & Marcus for Givenchy Fall Winter 2015 2016 Ad Campaign. Styled by Carine Roitfeld.



Kristen Stewart, face of the CHANEL Spring-Summer 2015 Eyewear Campaign

Tips for building a successful partnership with celebrities and bloggers

For some brands, like Nike and H&M, writing large checks to prominent figures is a small price to pay for significant exposure and brand alignment with people who have their own powerful brands. But for other brands that are repositioning or transforming their image it can be a very delicate operation.

We all agree with the fact that a celebrity must match up against an advertising objective, but the process of determining that propriety is very ambiguous.

David Beckham Bodywear at H&M

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♦ Celebrity vs Social Media Stars ?

Celebrity or social media influencer selection involves more than just strategy; indeed, the engagement of a celebrity may demand a significant financial commitment as well. For both reasons, a systematic approach to the selection of an appropriate celebrity is an important practical task. The first interrogation is should we choose a celebrity with a big name recognition or a web influencer with a large online audience?

Each brand as to be aware that beyond the high image recognition and persuasive impact that a celebrity offers, they also carry and work for their own brand.

In many cases, celebrities with significant exposure  are themselves brands with their own carefully-crafted images. Their alignment with other brands can help those brands position their products and services with important customer segments.

chiara-ferragni-vogue-spain-april-2015-coverOn the other hand, one of the biggest challenges for social media stars as next-generation celebrity endorser is the fact that many social media personalities have high recognition with certain audiences, but they really don’t have strong brands or name recognition outside of their field.

For example : in Quebec, Jean Francois CD is growing a very large popularity in the youtube sphere but still doesn’t have a strong brand history that people can relate to comparing to a star like Veronique Cloutier or a renowned actress like Jane Fonda.

What it means for brands is that many of the advantages of celebrity relationships, such as strategic lifestyle messaging, probably just can’t be realized with social media standouts. There’s also the issue of longevity.


♦ Celebrity Endorser or Bloggers, When & How ?

  • Celebrity Endorsers : In general big figures will bring worldwide recognition, attraction and persuasion. The partnership will transmit personality characteristic, reinforce brand values and lifestyle. Chanel tried to attract men by partnering with A List actor such as Brad Pitt or like more recently Johnny Depp. for Dior A great partnership will usually be use in order to transform a brand image or grow a brand recognition among a certain type of audience.
  • Bloggers, on the other hand, will help a brand to grow it’s community online, adjust its web personality and even target newer and sometimes younger audience. A blogger is a great WOM asset, will help build an expertise and convince consumer to buy. That strategy will usually be used when a brand is launching a new service online (e-shop, mobile shop, new app, new exclusive product online, or a website relaunch).

The famous blogger Sincerely Jules partenering with H&M for Autumn fashion 2015 


Read more : Rihanna : The Bad Girl Gone Dior

♦ How to make a good selection?

Today “engagement” “audience” and “authenticity” are the cornerstone of every brand strategy. (

♦ When partnering with a celebrity

It is important that the collaboration feels genuine.

As an agency you will want to find the most credible and attractive face to represent the brand that is looking for a new positioning. For that you need to understand the image and the story that a celebrity has been developed in a long term perspective. That means evaluate the public and private textual story of the celebrity, like prior and current endorsement contracts, celebrity professional future plans, public activity, public controversy involvement, celebrity brand biography, value and message that are delivered in public and private apparition, etc.

♦ When partnering with a blogger

Transparency, authenticity and relevance will make all the difference.

As an agency or a brand you must assure that the blogger is reflecting your brand ADN but you will also look at his audience engagement. High-profile bloggers are seen as reliable and credible source of information and have a great recommendation impact on readers buying decision.

The key to successful blogger engagement is a great outreach and preparation : take the time to read relevant blog post, evaluate their past collaboration with brands, see if they’re warm to brands and product promotions. They are numerous free tools to measure the quality of the blogger audience engagement. And remember that it’s not always about quantity when it come to influence.

Sources :

Note to brands: social media stars are (probably) not the new celebrity endorsers –

Five lessons for effective blogger outreach –

Blogger engagement: the benefits for brands –

Cannes 2015: les célébrités, des marques payantes –

Brand Person Of The Month : Jessica Alba

Alba & the $1 Billion Honest company

Last month, I talked about Tidal and the battle of Jay-Z to make his newest company to happen ( it still a mess if you want to know). That month I want to talk about an another celebrity brand business but this time it’s more successful and a bit more discreet.

Jessica Alba is best known for her acting career, but in January 2012, the celebrity ventured into entrepreneurship and launched The Honest Company. According to Forbes, Jessica Alba’s America’s Richest Self Made Women. Read More

Caitlyn : The Ultimate Underdog

How the Kardashian/ Jenner klan keeps the internet obsessed with them ?

In the last few years, ex-Bruce Jenner has been an ancillary but vivid participant in the bizarre public spectacle that is the Kardashian family.

 But last week she #broketheinternet like her stepdaughter did months ago, by publicly transitioning from male to female and coming out officially in the July issue of Vanity Fair.

HOLLY BOMB GIRL!vanity fair caitlyn jenner

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