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– TOP STORIES OF DECEMBER – CUMBERLOVE It’s a real Cumber-obsession Cumberbatch is currently promoting reaaaally hard the movie for which he will win an Oscar.   “The Imitation Game,”. Keira Knightley is supporting also, but where’s her cover? Cumberbatch is the favorite of this year Oscar Season, and just like last year he is the public choice. We’ll see what happens at the Globes, the Globes will tell.

Beyond Brand Person #2 | Selena Gomez & The Art Of Selling Break Up

Ok, we ABSOLUTELY need to talk about Selena Gomez. Have you watched Selena Gomez’s new video for The Heart Wants What It Wants yet? The song is a total bore but the video makes it interesting. WHY? Because it’s all about JELENA. Read More : The Good Boy Gone Bad Edition | Justin Bieber : The Youtube Star & the Millennials


Tops of October’s Covers Magazines Issue. – THE BAD – Hollywood White Washing – Remember when I was so pissed at Vogue for putting Blake Whatsofuckingever Lively on top of their August Cover ?And the fact that Marie Claire featured her on their biggest year issue? Well now she’s back this month and still promoting her *still* boring as f*ck lifestyle website/blog/company/I don’t even know what that’s suppose to be name.

Celebrities at UN | The Exploitation of Celebrities By The Humanitarian Organization

Sometimes celebrities are doing the job they are employed to, which is acting as spokesperson and role models. According to Richard Dyer, the bible of celebrity studies, the celebrity persona is not confined to her professional image but consists of everything publicly available about her. This week gave us three brilliant speeches. Read More : Does Celebrity Helped The ALS #icebucketchallenge ? Pros & Cons

Beyond Celebrity Endorsement | Top 10 Celebrity Campaigns of 2014

LUPITA NYONG’O X LANCÔME Back on April, right after her successful Oscar season, Lupita won her first big contract with Lancôme. Huge deal. Huge move for both Lupita and Lancôme. PLUS. The first official print ad from Lupita Nyong’o’s Lancôme endorsement deal, came out on June. It’s got an ‘80s throwback vibe, like Lupita is consciously giving us a vintage Grace Jones look. (Celebitchy)