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De Célébrité à Marque-Personne | Les Fondations

Depuis le temps que je tiens ce blogue, je me suis rendu compte que je n’avais jamais écris sur les fondements de ce  fabuleux concept qu’est la Marque-Personne. Du haut de mon petit blogue, et de mon article publié l’année dernière avec ma merveilleuse directrice de maîtrise Marie-Agnès Parmentier sur les effets d’un scandale sur une marque-personne, je deviens petit à petit experte en la matière (ce qui me plait énormément!). Du coup, je reçois de plus en plus de questions sur le sujet. En fait, la plupart des gens qui s’intérrogent sur ce concept sont déjà en train de construire leur propre marque sans le savoir….

The MET Gala 2015 Dress Porn

ALL THE LOOKS FROM THE 2015 MET GALA Hey Dress Lovers ! It’s MET Ball Gala It’s one of my favourite Gala of the year. This year MET Ball Gala theme was : China: Through The Looking Glass. And the biggest hits of this night was given to Rira with her Maxi yellow cape, the see-through dress of Beyonce (who desperatly try to #breaktheinternet against that damn Kardashian/Jenner family who can’t stop stealing the spotlight! Damn them all!!) and here very naked dress, and the insane hat of Sarah Jessica Parker. No really… do we need to talk about that hat ?

Celebrity Brand | Jared Leto Multi-Faceted Career

Jared Leto: Successful actor, acclaimed artist and thriving entrepreneur.  “I am more of a creator; I like to get my hands dirty.”_Huffpo Jared Leto had an amazing award season. He won every awards for supporting actor in nomination. From nothing, not even one nomination in his entire actor career, to countless of awards. Leto gave a touching speech when winning his very first oscar. Leto’s speech emphasized family, and was carefully correct when he touched on politics.  We can say his performance as a trans woman in Dallas Buyers Club was a role of a lifetime. But now what next?

L’effet TomKat | Grandes femmes, petits hommes.

Nouvelle catégorie sur!  Plus cours, moins business, moins sérieux, et en “Français s’il vous plait” (C’est un test, donc je ne promets pas continuer sur cette lancé, sauf si vous me suppliez de continuer, dans ce cas je n’aurais pas le choix…) . Parce que les célébrités, c’est un peu aussi quand même le reflet de nos vies (saupoudrés de quelques paillettes et de quelques millions en plus évidemment). Et parce qu’être plus grande que mon mec c’est un peu L’HISTOIRE DE MA VIE voici une liste non exhaustive de couples pour qui la taille ne compte pas.

Kardashian, Jenner, West : A Mega Family Brand

How Kardashian/Jenners went from F to A+ Brand 4 Years ago I read an article on Daily Mail on how Kris Jenner built a $65M family empire, and I knew at that time that this family would play a crucial role in the celebrity space. But back in 2011 I wouldn’t ever guess to what point they would become that powerful. Unless that today, one of the most famous of the Kardashian Klan had managed to be included in the very hot list of Time’s most influential people of the year. Kim Kardashian “The first lady of #fame” is among Pope France, Angela Merkel or Tim Cook one of the titans of our time. Read More: Beyond Kim Kardashian | The secret behind the “#breaktheinternet” hashtag.

The Business of Music Festival – Marketing To The Millennials

It’s Coachella time!! It’s that time of the year were you start seeing a million pictures of hippie hobo post-spring breakers teenagers and celebrities putting their Coachella costume. Some call it a music festival. I call it the time of year when celebrities dress like assholes as Lainey Gossip (god of all gossip business) once wrote genuinely. Read More : #TIDALforALL Meant To Break The Music Industry – When Too Much Is Too Much ?

#TIDALforALL Meant To Break The Music Industry – When Too Much Is Too Much ?

Did Jay-Z Go Too Far With The Celebrity Marketing? In celebrity business and branding, the Carters are King and Queen. So it wasn’t surprising at all when yesterday Jay-Z made a huge buzz by launching TIDAL With 16 Artist Stakeholders Shawn Carter himself, Beyonce, Rihanna, Kanye West, Jack White, Arcade Fire, Usher, Nicki Minaj, Coldplay, Alicia Keys, Calvin Harris, Daft Punk, deadmau5, Jason Aldean, J. Cole and Madonna are all part of this new streaming venture. Read more : Beats By Dre : Celebrities Are Taking The Pill

Dear Fashion Week : There’s No Such Thing As Diversity

This week I did something I haven’t done in years : I watched Paris Fashion Week live Shows. Lanvin, Etam, H&M, Balmain, Balenciaga, etc. Fashion was great and the celebs were entertaining.  Then I got really furious. Furious about two things, well three actually : Models were freakingly skinny I could count on one hand the number of models that weren’t white. I realized that there are things that doesn’t change.