Here’s What Others Have Said About Me:

Élodie helped us to get to know our target audience better by organizing exit polls, setting up focus groups and providing insights into behaviour and aspirations. She is also very knowledgeable of social media marketing, and took the initiative to get our brand set up and communicating on Pinterest early on. She is a great team player and absolutely delightful to collaborate with! I strongly recommend Élodie Beroard._   Social Media Director, CEO and Founder of the Swap Team


Elodie and I collaborated on four marketing projects in graduate school at HEC Montreal. Elodie was a reliable and resourceful classmate, and she had strong abilities for conducting extensive research and come up with specific insights. Since I’ve known her, Elodie has been passionate about studying the entertainment industry from a marketing and sociological perspective. She’s done great work on her blog Beyondcelebrity.com, where she’s written various well-researched op-eds on the entertainment industry and the celebrity ecosystem. If you’re looking for a healthy mix of academia, social media savviness and celebrity gossip expertise, she’s your gal!_ Senior Assistant Brand Manager, Brand Operations – Baby Care at Procter & Gamble


J’ai eu le plaisir d’enseigner, de diriger et de travailler étroitement avec Élodie pendant près de trois ans dans le cadre du programme de la M.Sc. Marketing de HEC Montréal, du travail d’assistanat de recherche qu’elle a réalisé pour moi, et d’une collaboration sur un article publié dans la Revue Gestion. C’est une jeune femme qui a une grande curiosité intellectuelle, qui possède d’excellentes qualités pour le travail analytique, et qui fait preuve de beaucoup de détermination. Je pense qu’elle saura mener à bien des projets d’envergure qui demandent autonomie et ténacité. Je la recommande chaudement à tous ceux qui auront la chance de la considérer pour un emploi. _ Associate Professor of Marketing at HEC Montréal.


Find Out More About My Professional Experiences Here.

My Writings 

Les rôles et les pratiques des médias lors d’un scandale impliquant une marque-personne. 

Interested in Working With Me?

  • Are you interested in building your brand content strategy for products or services in entertainment, fashion, media, beauty or retails?
  • Do you have a social media marketing strategy you’re looking to develop, execute, and measure?
  • Need help in developing your web site content in the feminine sector (entertainment, glamour, fashion, beauty, celebrity, Tv show, Awards show, etc.) ? I’m your girl!

Email me at beyondcelebrity@gmail.com to see how I can help you achieve your goals. 

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