About Beyond Celebrity


Beyond Celebrity is an attempt to understand how celebrities are reflecting an image of our society through medias, advertising, brands, culture and arts .

Or is it our society that’s trying to look like a Paris Hilton or a Lindsay Lohan? Who knows…

Writing this blog is an attempt to convince me you that celebrities are not just a piece of trash but that they reflect a lot about our culture, our strength and weakness through millions of imagery . But if my mission failed, well at least you would’ve learn this : __________ .

I hope to use this space to reflect on my experience in learning new media studies and celebrity branding.

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My name is Elodie, I recently graduated from HEC  Montreal Business School from where I received a master degree specialized in marketing Kate Mossing and other gossiping. I believe in Dlisted and Dlisted only ! Because only this b*tch ( he’s the one who calls himself like that) can makes me laugh 10 minutes straight.

I am also strongly dedicated to Laineygossip  especially for her analysis on celebrity campaigning to win an Oscar, and Anne Helen Petersen , for the intellectual reading You also need to follow her facebook feed : Celebrity Gossip, Academic Style.

That’s pretty much all you need to know …and if you want to hire me in your Celebrity Marketing  Management Department,  well you can click here >>>

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Email me at elodie.beroard@gmail.com

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