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From Angelina Jolie to Amal Clooney : A Brand Transformation

What does Angelina Jolie-Pitt & Amal Clooney have in common ?

Two women, two stories.

They both drastically managed and transformed their image in the past years by building and developing a strong ” Brand Biography” through the medias.


Angelina Jolie : From wild actress to movie director

Angelina Jolie has the best publicity game in Hollywood.

Her image slowly changed, through the years, going from the bad mistress, sexy savor, man eater to the Good Wife, Good Mother, Good Women, Good Actress, Good Human. She was acclaimed for her double mastectomy and depicted as a role model for her New York Times piece. She build her fiction character persona through the story of her real life. That’s the Jolie Effect.

The most famous actress on earth, now a movie director, was once a wild Hollywood child turned wild actress later on. A persona shaped in scandalous gossip of sex drug & rock’n’roll. In 2005, she shockingly became the most famous homewrecker of Hollywood, seducing one of the sexiest husband at the time and is now known as the most powerful couple of Hollywood.

Jennifer Aniston & Brangelina have always shared a strong story brand. Each year since the big breakup brought us millions of cover of speculation on their life. And it has strongly forged their brand image.  For more than 10 years, these three have been at it, none of their movies are more interesting than their personal life. So Angie is making a movie about it. About a couple who deals with a crisis in their marriage while staying at a peaceful seaside resort in 1970s France. Very Brangie. Have you seen the trailer ? Can you see the difference between fiction and reality? All I see is Brad Pitt and Angie Jo !

Angelina Jolie plays the celebrity game better than anyone else in the business.

Jolie’s image mixed dangerous sexuality… and benevolent humanitarianism. It sounds ridiculous. But it was precisely that combination, and the flexibility it permitted, that allowed Jolie to not only weather one of the biggest potential scandals of the decade, but facilitated her rise to superstardom. (Angelina Jolie’s Perfect Game by Anne Helen Petersen.)

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Amal Clooney : From Human Rights Lawyer to Red Carpet Fashionista

Amal Alamuddin Clooney, is breaking with the formula in so many ways.

Lawyer Amal Clooney Mohamed Nasheed

Amal Alamuddin Clooney, the human rights’ lawyer. Amal Alamuddin, the really smart, well-educated, really well-respected barrister specializing in international law.

Since her very mediatized wedding with Mr Hollywood, she has been in the news. She even became The “Most Fascinating Person of 2014”.

She’s suddenly in that stratosphere that we reserve for the Jackie O’s and the Angie Jo’s and Kate Middleton’s. Everything she does, says or wears is officially fascinating._ Barbara Walters

What I love most about her is that her new celebrity status helped raise awareness to very important causes like helping fight ISIS in the Maldives.

Amal’s case profile includes:

  • Mrs Clooney represents Mr Nasheed who has been jailed on terror charges
  • Representing Yulia Tymoshenko, former Ukrainian Prime Minister, in human rights claim concerning her politically-motivated prosecution and detention in Ukraine.
  • Mohamed Fahmy – Journalist from Al Jazeera English television network detained in Egypt following an unfair trial

Source : doughtystreet 

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