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Cover of the month : Rihanna for W September

It’s almost the end of August and it means that it is back to school for a lot of people. It also means that September is coming and that the most anticipated publications of the year have already started hitting the stand.

This year, one cover really stood out from the others. It is Rihanna’s cover for W magazine. In a Mad Max inspired theme, Rihanna is looking really amazing – as always!

Her being on the cover is an excellent choice. This year has been very good for Rihanna, if we compare her to some of her peers. Even if she fell out a little bit in term of street fashion in my opinion and didn’t get photographed as much, she didn’t get into any scandals, sold millions of copies of her new CD, got a successful tour and even got into a relationship! She just got rewarded with the MTV Vanguard Awards this past Sunday at the MTV Music Video Awards.

She’s also doing very well in term of fashion partnership, with her Dior contract and her new sunglasses which just came out. Let’s not forget her Puma x Fenty collaboration! Wishing her the best for the rest of the year and I have to say that she is rocking this face jewelry. I expect this trend to start picking up soon.



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