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Welcome to Uncle Terry’s terrible Jungle Part II

Keep It Up With The Creepy Terry

Last night, fashion’s resident oddball Pharrell Williams showed up to accept the Fashion Icon Award at the CFDAs and defended Terry Richardson during his speech :

He’s genius, I’m sorry.


Why fashion industry still needs Terry ?

Photographers and their clients  are key actors in the fashion industry among modeling agencies; fashion designers and the fashion press.  A photographer with renown or big name recognition has profound influence in the field of modeling.

Photographers not only influence which models are given the opportunity to compete for lucrative opportunities with commercial clients, they also contribute to the creation of the model’s aesthetic impact. Celebrity photographers, such as Peter Lindbergh and later Steven Meisel, are regarded as the “emperors” of fashion image-making (The Fashion Book 2004). [1]

Nobody can actually call Terry a work of art. But he haven’t built his career as a fashion A-List Photographer by selling art. He sells soft porn photography.

Richardson is also famous for another reason: He has cultivated a reputation of being a professional debauchee, a proud pervert who has, outside his commercial work, produced a series of extremely explicit images—often including himself naked and erect—that many find pornographic and misogynistic, and which can make viewers distinctly uncomfortable.

TErry Richardson on New York

The Terry Strategy

To build his trashy empire Terry needed the help of celebrities, at the time he began his infamous Terry World Tumblr he was featuring mostly B-listed celebrities who needed some free communication.

Terry’s celebs muses of choice are: Lady Gaga, Jared Leto, Lindsay Lohan, Justin Theroux , Miley Cyrus. He now have the opportunity to shot pretty much every A++ list people of this planet (Obama, Beyonce, Madonna, etc.).

Richardson’s own fame is due partly to his habit of including himself in shots of celebrities (his friends like to say he invented the selfie) and partly to his formal consistency.

Last year he documented Lady Gaga tour, with trashy shot of the singer full of cake. He’s always in the news.

gaga terry richardson

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