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Celebrity Brand | Jared Leto Multi-Faceted Career

Jared Leto: Successful actor, acclaimed artist and thriving entrepreneur. 

“I am more of a creator; I like to get my hands dirty.”_Huffpo

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Jared Leto had an amazing award season. He won every awards for supporting actor in nomination. From nothing, not even one nomination in his entire actor career, to countless of awards. Leto gave a touching speech when winning his very first oscar. Leto’s speech emphasized family, and was carefully correct when he touched on politics.

 We can say his performance as a trans woman in Dallas Buyers Club was a role of a lifetime.

But now what next?

We all presume that he will come back to his music career and pursue “his dream” as he had love to mention during his Oscar campaign. His “dream” will probably be to evolve as a musician as he evolved as an actor : continue to grow his rock band fandom, win the social media game, make enough money to build his music/ New tech/ arty / film industry.

86th Annual Academy Awards - Backstage

jared leto a list

Leto has done something almost no one else has—successfully transitioned from actor to musician. Now that he won the audience that he can be a respectable actor, and build a strong enough music community around his rock band 30 second to Mars, he will probably move to the next level.

Leto is not the best actor nor is he the best musician, but it’s really rare for someone to manage dual careers of equal success. The only person who leaps immediately to mind is Jamie Foxx. Justin Timberlake is trying but his acting career isn’t yet separate from his musical persona, and Jennifer Lopez was never able to establish a self-sustaining film career, either._ Lainey Gossip

From Actor to Rocker to Director

“Failure is a gift,” he said. “You fail, you fail and you fail. And you learn.” (

It’s a common career evolution within successful actors. When they get tired of being directed (read used and abused by producer and directors) and they won enough respect into the Hollywood industry and the film industry, they decided to switch role and go behind the camera. Think Clint Eastwood, James Franco, Brad Pitt and the recent transition from hot actress to political engaged filmmaker of Angelina Jolie with Unbroken.

Leto’s recent activities and awards allowed him to move into directing, because …everyone also has to be a director now, and it’s there that Leto has had perhaps his best success. He may be an actor but as a director he goes by Bartholomew Cubbins. ( NYT)

His band got into a bitter fight with its label, EMI, and Leto directed a documentary about the making of their previous album, This Is Warand the ensuing fight with EMI. The documentary, Artifact, won the People’s Choice award at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival. He directed “Up In The Air” then gave an Ode to Los Angeles in New eleven minutes “City of Angels” Video, and this very controversial video for Hurricane.


I don’t really like what he’s doing in term of video production. The screenplay is boring, the picture esthetics is not that creative, subjects are plaints, and it’s usually very self centred to the charming lady’s boy leto and his rocky band.

jared leto hurricane

Becoming A Digital Entrepreneur

He drew from his musical and film career to push his own entrepreneurial pursuits forward, and said that he’s always had an entrepreneurial spirit._Huffpo

Fast Company named Jared Leto among the top “Most Creative People in Business” in 2012 (read also here )

With the launch of three start-ups Jared Leto made his success by using digital content and online platforms to enhance his fan based. He is pushing the future of the music industry using adequately digital and web tools, stimulating proactive and innovative experience to grow engagement. He offers live-stream concert to reach a wider audience.

The Hive is a social media management agency whose aim is to foster deeper engagement between artists and their fans;  The One & Only Golden Tickets is a Willy Wonka approach to online concerts offering all access to digital VIPs ; and VyRT sells digital tickets to live-stream concerts.

Leto made a name for himself in several areas in the entertainment business.


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