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The Business of Music Festival – Marketing To The Millennials

It’s Coachella time!!

It’s that time of the year were you start seeing a million pictures of hippie hobo post-spring breakers teenagers and celebrities putting their Coachella costume. Some call it a music festival. I call it the time of year when celebrities dress like assholes as Lainey Gossip (god of all gossip business) once wrote genuinely.

Coachella 2015 - Week 1 - Day 3

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Coachella is a booming business

The festival has become more and more of a competition style wise where the boho-chic outfits are the official dress code in order to be as Instagramable as possible.

Coachella has established itself as a weekender’s playground for au courant Los Angelenos, a certain “Coachella style” has emerged, one that is deeply rooted in Desert Valley bohemian mythologies and an amorphous concept of “being free” (Jezebel)

A couple of years ago, brands started to realize the huge potential of that kind of festivals over millennials and made huge placement during this weekend. From Vanessa Hudgen (The Queen of Coachella Nü-Hippies), the Jenners sisters, Selena Gomez, King Joffrey Bieber to Kate Bosworth, celebrities were paid to embrace the Coachella dress code. Mass-fashion brands like Lacoste or H&M are bidding on that trend and even made special Coachella collections.

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But this year is a bit different : a number of luxury brands are entering the competition.

This provides an opportunity to reach VIPs, including celebrities attending,while reaching out to a younger generation of consumers, who may see a particular label in a different light. (Luxury Marketing. Luxury brands court millennials with music festival guides)

And of course those brands targeted the most influential music celebrities to endorse their products. Beyoncé Coachella outfit was valued at $8000.

Damn. Who buys those Urban Outfitters lookalike crap at that price?!?

bey coachella

Music festivals give brands the change to engage with consumers in new and interactive ways: pop-up booths, product sampling and through brand ambassadors, […] Brands who aren’t participating in events, should be curating.(Luxury Marketing. Luxury brands court millennials with music festival guides)

Brands courting Millennials

Music festivals are attracting a very hard to reach audience: the affluent millennials. Millennials grew up and suddenly have disposable income and prefer to spend money on experiences rather than things.

Today, millennials make up 25% of the U.S. population (that’s 77 million people), and their economic spending power is $1.3 trillion dollars, In order to sell millennials on a product, concept or service, marketers have to connect with them on an emotional level that aligns with their complex value sets surrounding socioeconomic conditions and new cultural norms. (Mashable)

Alexander-Wang-CoachellaLuxury brands like DVF, Jimmy Choo, Saint Laurent and Maison Margiela started focusing on the young consumers, spending tons of money in new tech marketing programs.

Starting with the awareness of festival-themed products, to well executed where to buy mobile programs and targeted social media efforts.”(Luxury Marketing.)


These music festivals have become a big millennials Lab where brands learn how to connect with them.

It’s funny to see how Coachella transformed into a big American Apparel advertisement over the years considering how it began : a relatively low-key 2-day music scene for “independent/underground”.


PS : What’s about THAT ?!? When does Madonna stop acting like a 50 years old Miley Cyrus !!!

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