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Beyond Kim Kardashian | The secret behind the “#breaktheinternet” hashtag.

Hosting that butt is an impressive feat. You can’t just put Kim Kardashian nudes on the Internet and walk away.

You need to plan.

We may get a lot of traffic.

PAPER is an arts, culture, celebrity, and nightlife magazine, very woven into the culture of New York City after 30 years in existence. It has had a website for about 20 of those years. It’s neither a big nor a small magazine — its monthly readership, including its website, is 650,000 people, according to its media kit, and it claims more than 100,000 subscribers.

When the people at PAPER do events or big ad campaigns, he told me via chat, “there’s very often a request like this.” He reasoned that the PAPER site was designed to handle a couple million people per month no problem, and it’s been chugging along for years.

It was then that he learned that the feature would include a nude Kardashian, butt exposed.

“It’s her real butt,” said Hershkovits.

Kim K for Paper

 What PAPER was asking was: Can you take a website that we use to reach hundreds of thousands of people in a given month and turn it into a website that can reach tens of millions of people or more? Or rather, “can you turn our tour bus into an airplane for a week or two?”

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Alternate title : The power of Kim’s Butt

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