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And it’s the best season of the year. Red carpets, Awards, Dress porn, Red carpets, Awards, Dress porn, suits, movies, movie stars HOLLYWOOD BABY!

It’s that time of the year where Jennifer Aniston is hiring an Oscar strategist (AHAH). Did you know that was actually a real job ?

Just check out the W mag movie special issue.The multi-covers magazine are shots by the photographer Tim Walker and features some of the fine A-list and awards campaigning stars of the season.

And this year we will be entertain by some interesting battles :

I did my homework. I analyzed the winners from the two biggest awards show before Oscars (Golden Globes and the Critics Choice), I watched the red carpet, I watched winners speeches, I kept an eye on every interview and media campaign. All of that work in an attempt of understanding the Oscar future nominees and have better prediction than last year.

Well, I still fail.

I still have to study more because The academy trick me this year.

” From a Gossip perspective, all you need to know is this…

NO Aniston

NO Brange.

If you’re on the side of Good Gossip…


We lost today.

Because, frankly, that’s where we live. In a world where all of them could have collided on that carpet.

Holy sh-t. The Academy actually voted on merit?


But most tragic : No MOMMY ! Xavier Dolan’s Chef-d’oeuvre could’ve won best picture of the year, and should’ve at least be nominated for best foreign film. But none of them happened. I am truly and deeply disappointed by the selection of this year…

Check out the Golden Globes 2015 winner list 

Check out the Critics choice 2015 winner list

Check out the Oscars 2015 nomination full list

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