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It’s a real Cumber-obsession

Cumberbatch is currently promoting reaaaally hard the movie for which he will win an Oscar.   “The Imitation Game,”. Keira Knightley is supporting also, but where’s her cover? Cumberbatch is the favorite of this year Oscar Season, and just like last year he is the public choice. We’ll see what happens at the Globes, the Globes will tell.

What else… the New York Times had a little write-up about Benedict, Harvey Weinstein, Charles Dance and Keira Knightley at the post-premiere party. Benedict is drinking, Keira is abstaining (probably because she’s totes preggo, at least in my mind), and Charles Dance was comparing her TIG character to Tywin Lannister.
Harvey says that his wife, Georgina Chapman (of Marchesa!) thinks Benedict is “the hottest thing in the world.” Cough. Please God, do not let Benedict or Sophie wear any Marchesa.” _Celebitchy

He’s on Elle and the Time .


Remember this speech ?

Yes you did ! Hermione (Also known as Emma Watson) has been choose as the FRESH face of feminism. Because everyone is tired as hell of the old one (yes you BEYONCE).

So to make her embodied the FRESH face they put her on the cover of ELLE UK with her hair freshly washed…you see the point? Fresh hair fresh start !

Read more for the interview >> Tom and Lorenzo


Taylor Swift looks nearly unrecognizable (but still gorgeous!) on the cover of Wonderland magazine‘s newest issue. But the best cover is the Time.

Have you read the article?

Either you love or hate Taylor Swift you need to read this. Marketing wise, the case of Taylor Swift is a real study case for the Music Industry and for the star system of today. Her use of social media, her discourse, her textual story, her celebrity image, everything is tight to perfection. Taylor Swift team has been shaping and transforming her for years and today in 2014 we can definitely tell that they produced something big. And not just big for today but that will stay big for a while.

Justin Bierber and all the jenners girls can go to hell. But Swift, swift knows her shit. She give music to her fans, she respect her public, she managed her professional image as well as her public image a-la-perfection and has build a very powerful persona.

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