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Beyond Brand Person #2 | Selena Gomez & The Art Of Selling Break Up

Ok, we ABSOLUTELY need to talk about Selena Gomez.

Have you watched Selena Gomez’s new video for The Heart Wants What It Wants yet? The song is a total bore but the video makes it interesting. WHY? Because it’s all about JELENA.


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Jelena. You know… the contraction of Justin (Bieber) and Selena (Gomez), this unfamous on-again-of-again-on-again-off-again couple. By the way are they still together? Broke up? I’ve lost count.

Last time I read about them they were spending Thanksgiving together and then Justin hang out with the Kendall sisters when in Paris for the fashion week and it was off again. Later this year they something about a fight between Justin and Orlando Bloom over Miranda Kerr….BLAH teenager stuff. Hollywood is like a big high school cafeteria where everyone is 15 years old forever.

Anyway. This video start with a very emotional monologue about a guy who broke her heart, while sounding tragic with a crying voice. She OBVIOUSLY is talking about Justin Bieber and it isn’t even subtled.

oh well….so much tears for nothing. And the worst was to come. She re-do this I-am-so-sad-because-of-my-oh-so-traumatic-breakup- performance during the Amas show.

… And you know who does this too ?


Yes the swifty ! Taylor Swift is selling all her albums by giving what every teenagers of today want and need : the “inside” story of their very mediatic love story.


The Swifty is also promoting (whoring up) her album 1989. And she just released her latest song Blank Space.

The video for Tay Tay’s new single “Blank Space” is supposed to be a parody of herself, but please. This video was obviously put together with actual security camera footage from Taylor’s mansion. This is a Taylor Swift documentary!_Dlisted

Because you know that if you date Taylor Swift, you’re totally going to end up getting a song written about you.

taylor-swift-boyfriends song

And take a look at the vid >>

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