Beyond Fashion, Magazine Cover Battle
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It’s November, which means that award season is in full swing, and as such the actors starring in award bait are beginning to lay the foundation of their Oscar campaigns. Here’s a battle between two biggest movie of the season. The World War II is main theme this year.

– Boys of Hollywood – 

  • Brad Pitt is on THREE covers this month : Psychology, GQ & Details. Of course ! Because he needs to promote (sell) his latest movie Fury.

” In case you didn’t already know, Brad Pitt and St. Angie Jolie have kids. Like some people who have kids, they love their kids and really, really, REALLY, really love talking about how much they love their kids. Brangie is that bitch on Facebook who posts cheesy open poems to their baby who can’t read yet” _Dlisted

  • Benedict Cumberbatch.a.k.a Bendelion Cumberbund, Bentobox CucumberrollsBendadick Cumsinbatches, Benadryl Cumberbund’ ( Thx to Dlisted god of nickname game !) is also promoting his own Oscar-to-be film ‘The Imitation Game‘. It’s a Weinstein Company movie, this means they will campaign hard ! And I always  loved good Oscar campaign between two A list Actors. Remember the battle between Leonardo Dicaprio and Matthew McConaughey last year? The latest won. This year the two favorites are already well trained on the campaigning game, so I can’t wait to see how this battle will go !
  • Xavier Dolan is on four covers of french magazines (and probably more). Mommy, his latest film, caused quite the buzz at the Cannes Film Festival — and won the Jury Prize. He’s already the present and future of Canadian cinema.

– Women of Hollywood – 

  • Elle Magazine made a special  “Women in Hollywood” issue featuring Tina Fey, Zoe Saldana and Jennifer Garner._ Celebitchy

The first is relevant, considering she’s the representant of feminism in Hollywood.

The second need to defend the fact that she’s absolutely irrelevant as playing Nina Simone for a zillion times again.

The third is campaigning hard for her husband so that he can finally win his Oscars as ‘best actor’ which he shouldn’t because he’s actually the worst actor of Hollywood and should stop acting for god sake ! “We don’t think we’ve ever heard her go more than two sentences without using the words “kids,” “husband,” “wife,” or “mom.”

  • Anne Hattaway on Harper’s Bazaar – “Anne Hathaway REALLY wants everyone to love her again. She’ll dress like a living Valentine if she has to.“_ Tom & Lorenzo
  • Taylor Swift is promoting REALLY HARD her newest album 1989. The Taylor strike 4 covers! FOUR …!! InStyle, Bazaar, Fashion and Vogue. Oh she wants her album to sell well. And her RP team is working day and night for that !
  • Jennifer Lawrence is on Vanity Fair and she opened up about the Fapperie. You remember this all nude photo phone hacking scandal. Well no sorry it’s not a scandal it’s a SEX CRIME !  And for once I am not kidding here. This all story was kind of surrealist and showed us how much internet can sometimes be really …or is it us using the internet to answer to a sick extreme ( Celebitchy).

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