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Power Couple | Princess Amal & the Patron Saint of Hollywood

“George Clooney is to Hollywood what Uncle Sam is to America.” Vulture

The power of Amal


In the ‘Amal & Angie Jo’ post, Lainey make an interesting comparison between the two new queen of hollywood. She described the curriculum of Amal as follow :

Amal Alamuddin, the human rights lawyer.
Amal Alamuddin, the really smart, really well-educated, really well-respected barrister specialising in international law.

Amal Alamuddin, appointed to a number of UN commissions including adviser to Special Envoy Kofi Annan on Syria and Counsel to the Inquiry launched by UN human rights rapporteur Ben Emmerson QC into the use of drones in counter-terrorism operations. _Lainey Gossip

End Sexual Violence In Conflict Global Summit

Impressive huh?

Not so much what Georgie was used to date before. Remember Stacy Keibler? Sarah Larson ? All vegas Waitress, C list actress or Tv stars.

But Amal Alamuddin is breaking with the formula in so many ways.

Suddenly Mr Hollywood decided to higher up drastically his expectations and dating, then marrying a woman who can read, think, speak. And she can dress up too ! But that’s not what’s most important right? Feminism would say Absolutely NOT and give me a side eye, but I know it stills matters. She’s a beauty. She is the perfect Mrs Hollywood to go with perfect Mr Hollywood.

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Hollywood Royalty

The Clooney/Alamuddin , the Pitt/ Jolie, the Beckhams, the Kardashians/West, the TomKats (back in the days), The Bey/Jay, etc. They all reach the point where they become a power couple brand.


A power couple brand became a major trend in Hollywood nowadays.

The Kennedy were one of the precursor of this trend.


Couple branding is a very efficient strategy and made is way for a lot celebrity to gain media visiblity. As we know many couple are way more powerful than they could ever be if they were single.

We all know Clooney is after a political role.

While his face is all over lifestyle magazines because he’s married now, George also covers the latest Newsweek, nothing to do with Venice. Coincidence? Certainly no.

This is an extensive piece, written with Clooney’s involvement, detailing his experience in Sudan. The timing of all of it can’t be by accident. And he had to have known about it, leveraging the world’s current interest in him and trying to exploit some of that attention and redirect it to a noble cause. Like a reminder that he’s not just some Hollywood actor who throws his money around on the canal, he’s also an activist and a crusader, especially now that’s he’s half of a Power Couple: the Alamuddins. _ Lainey Gossip

clooney choices

Here’s the last video of this post, just because I so needed to hear her speaking. Isn’t she perfect? Now can you picture him speaking the same? She definitely wants to rule the world and SHE will use Clooney as this matter. Go Amal go !

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