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Beyond #Instamodels | The New Generation Of Supermodels 2.0

… the illusion of “I can do it too!”

Supermodels, Back In Vogue: How Social Networks Made Miranda, Kate And Karlie Household Names


Forget the traditional process, now for becoming famous you only need a little smartphone and the right Apps. Youtube, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, Social Media seems to have democratized and clearly have facilitated the access of fame. Like fashion bloggers, celebrities, politicians, and brands, models can now build rich day-to-day relationship directly with their audience. An audience who can now have the illusion of choosing who they want to see as their fashionable model.

The world is experiencing a resurgence of the supermodel — not since the 1980s (think Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington) have models enjoyed such widespread, international recognition, fame and the salary that comes with it. Miranda Kerr, Kate Upton and Gisele Bundchen have become household names not just through lucrative advertising campaigns, but through endorsement deals, business franchises and starring roles in big screen Hollywood productions.


And for many of this new crop of supermodel, a fervent following on social media helped propel them to superstardom.

In the selfie era, there’s perhaps no one better engineered to leverage image-based platforms like Instagram and Vine than the supermodel. Beauty, of course is a major component to their success (does anyone not like to look at photos of Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio?), but so is the lifestyle depicted through the mediums: snaps of photo shoots in Bali and Vanity Fair afterparties are social media gold.


vogue video

 “I’m not that different from you, the posts seem to imply, all of this can be yours, too.”

Models on Instagram (and yes, it’s a Tumblr ! ) is the newest digital visual medium for girls to access to this dream life. But it’s still an illusion. Yes because even if it feels like you just need a smartphone, good filters and cool angle, you will still need to pass through the

Social media has become an ideal outlet for models to share their experiences and unique personalities beyond agency-approved photo shoots and press events.

But always remember : in modeling, many are called, few are chosen, and even fewer end up consuming the model life they initially desired. And it’s still is the case. today.

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