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Today in Old Hollywood – A Brief History Of The Oscars [Video]

The Glowing Hollywood age


Jack Nicholson winning Best Actor for “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, 1975

I have always loved a bit of vintage, all the 80’s was the glowing age for hollywood with  true actors stars, huge dry hair, the dresses, the costumes, the red carpet.

Celebrities are the fuel of the Hollywood industry and the Oscar show always has been at the center of this fantasy spectacle. Stars are moving like .

— In 1929, the first Academy Awards ceremony took place out of the public eye, tickets was 5 $ and it lasted only 15 minutes. Since then the public interest grew quickly. They began to get more and more fascinated by this big reunion of hollywood stars.

The first presentation was the only one to escape a media audience; by the second year, enthusiasm for the Awards was such that a Los Angeles radio station produced a live one-hour broadcast of the event. The ceremony has been broadcast ever since. (


Grace Kelly and Marlon Brando at the Oscars

“This is Hollywood most exciting give-away show !”

–In 1953, The 25th Annual Academy Awards Ceremony was the very first one to be televised. It was in black and white, and the opening speeches were already full of inside jokes on the glamourous stars crowd.

“Tonight regular television watchers will see movie stars you’ve never seen before.” said Bob Hope the host of Oscars at his opening monologue.

–Since 1969, the Oscar show has been broadcast internationally, now reaching movie fans in over 200 countries.

And here’s my selection of red carpets and oscar winners speech.

Audrey Hepburn winning an Oscar® for “Roman Holiday”

Grace Kelly Wins Best Actress: 1955 Oscars

Julie Andrews winning Best Actress for “Mary Poppins”: 1967 Oscars

Jack Nicholson winning an Oscar® for “Cuckoo’s Nest”

(If you haven’t seen this movie it’s a very MUST! It really is Nicholson best perf of all time!)

Marlon Brando’s Oscar® win for ” The Godfather”

The Oscar first Boycott story : On the eve of the 45th Academy Awards, Brando announced that he would boycott the ceremony and send Sacheen Littlefeather in his place to address the American Indian rights movement.

“I’m representing Marlon Brando this evening and he has asked me to tell you … that he very regretfully cannot accept this very generous award. And the reasons for this being are the treatment of American Indians today by the film industry —” She bravely said while accepting Brando awards (

Marlon Brando's Oscar win for The Godfather

Souvenir of Red Carpets

It’s always sunny in Hollywood and in front of the camera, stars are always shining and smiling like happiness is their one and only emotion.

Smile, wave, laugh. And always answer with kindness when you’re asked about how it was to work with the director of the movie promoting. It’s the classic guidelines to a successful Oscar campaign.

Look at Tom Hanks and his wife, the less celebriter of the every other actor, even him has to follow the rules if doing the Oscars Game.

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