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Top Story of the Month : We Have to Talk About Vogue

We have to talk about Vogue people.

Since Vogue (and Anna Devil Wintour) decided to embrace the idea of feature  accomplished women on it’s cover we all agree that putting celebrity was a good idea. Vogue is and always has been so Waspy oriented. It wasn’t a problem in the 80’s, it became one in the 90’s, now it’s clearly a major issue.

On top of that Vogue, like every other printed magazine knows the internet fracture and the audience keep on decreasing. It’s a matter of fact. So what did Vogue decided to do ? Make buzz story. Like every other.

Blake Lively covers the August 2014 issue of VOGUE for the THIRD TIME.

This time it’s because she’s about to launch the Blake Lively Lifestyle, from what ? From your boring housewifeness ? From Blake and her “Blakery” ?

Some women have to go and be the first lady, or build a media empire and earn a billion dollars, win best actress Oscars, be the greatest living entertainer…

But Blake Lively?

All she has to do is start a blog, like Gwyneth Paltrow, in the spirit of Martha Stewart.

This all BS was worth an deep analysis that Maria from Lainey gossip gave us. >> Blake Lively’s Preserve: a lifestyle analysis is a must read (if you care). analysis


  • Justin Theroux covers the new issue of DETAILS to promote The Leftovers. _ LaineyGossip
  • Rachel McAdams on the Allure cover. I’m not sure the reason she got a cover, or what she’s promoting – I don’t think anything. Or maybe the fact that it’s ‘The Notebook’ 10th anniversary? Yep that can give you an august cover this days.
  • Katie Holmes is boringly covering Glamour. What is she even promoting (I think I asked exactly the same question last month) ? Nothing but her lack of good gossip since her big divorce from Mr Hollywood. The Katie Holmes / Tom Cruise divorce was one of my favourite story in the last 5 years. Even so I never get answers since then… It’s been 2 years now. And what Katie did ? Nothing. She lost her clothe brand and made bad movies. Even Suri can’t help her celebrity anymore.

In terms of gossip, marrying and divorcing Tom Cruise was the only thing that made Katie interesting. Whereas her predecessor Nicole Kidman, post-Cruise, was making the best films of her career, dating hotties (remember Lenny Kravitz?) and cracking wise about Tom’s height to Letterman, Katie has been as glassy-eyed and boring as she was when they were married.“_Lainey Gossip 

What a waist of gossip…

  • Victoria Beckham is on Vogue UK. No, not THE Vogue, just the Uk Version. she covers the August issue – twice! – of British VOGUE. which basically means she won’t cover American VOGUE in 2014.. Kim K got it, Blake got it not only twice but three times, and still none for Becky…Poor Posh._Lainey Gossip

More August Covers:

  • Solange barely said anything about the only reason why Lucky gave her the cover. _Dlisted
  • Prince Big G turns one year old on July 22. So Vanity Fair is celebrating him by putting him on the cover. As for the article, it’s boring. _LaineyGossip
  • Katy Perry is talking culture on Rolling Stone _ Dlisted
  • Kanye West is all on GQ _ Dlisted
  • Chloe Moretz covers Flare_ Celebitchy
  • The beautiful Lupita covers Elle France July Issue. Next up, the Yale alum will appear in “Star Wars: Episode VII,” and lend her vocal talents to “The Jungle Book” opposite Scarlett Johansson and Idris Elba. _

viva lupita lupita!

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