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Top Stories of the Month. “A.K.A”

  • Michael Fassbender a.k.a McFASSY a.k.a FASSO a.k.a Assbender (You’re the best Dlisted) is on the cover of DETAILS. After is again lost from the Oscars, Fasso is back under the spotlight promoting the newest X-Men: Days of Future PastFirst : Fasso is badass playing Magneto. Second : Who cares about the movie, Fasso is hot Period ! Three : I’ve lost track of who McFassy is dating now… Shame co-star Nicole Beharie?  British Olympian Louise Hazel ? Zoe Kravitz ? Naomi Campbel ?(!!!!) Lupita ??????? (aww yeah still dreamin’). No matter who’s Fasso’s bumping is still the center character of my obsessions !  Anyway you must read this interview he gave for DETAILS 
  • Mila Kunis is on Marie Claire this months and she’s promoting her baby bump. Have you seen the milions of interview she gave for carrying Ashton Kutcher’s baby. (oh and btw she’s also promoting a movie….but who cares right?!) _ Lainey Gossip
  • Beyonce is on the cover of T, The New York Times style magazine. Since the #BEYGENCY scandal happened a couple of weeks ago (it feels like a decade now awww internet…!) and the hashtag #whatjaysaidtosolange  became supertrendy . The BEY JAY Corporation struggled to get rid of it. The goddess is on T but no interview. This story was so captivating. And for the rest of it read this : Lainey Gossip
  • Angelina Jolie a.k.a Saint Angie is on ELLE promoting Maleficient . She has been promoting since last year. In the meantime, she gave a powerfull speech on rape at the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict. And on the top of that she got dame’d by the queen. “St. Angie’s not a British citizen, so she can’t be called a Dame, but like she gives a shit. She’s already got the title of SAINT!” (Dlisted) – And the Buzzfeed piece “Angelina Jolie’s Perfect Game”
    is a MUST read !

More promo covers:

  • Rob Pattison was on Premiere. Pattison is playing on the new Cronenberg Maps To The Stars. RPatz is Cronenberg new muse. He’s looking to become an actor for “real. And by for real I mean no-more-Twillight. I think this is good, he has some great potential, he’s acting skills are great and he has the A+ actor profile. RPatz is looking after a Brad Pitt kind of career. And he will.

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