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Beyond Celebrity At Made in Blog Campus – First Edition

 Taking A Break From Gossip

I’ve been kind of low profile this past weeks for two good reason : I am looking for new professional opportunities (everyone who ever had been into the job hunting game once knows what I am talking about!) and I came back from a trip to my 2dn home country : Montreal.

So, for once this post will be not gossiply/celebrity related. This time I will take the opportunity to write about my experience as being a professional blogger.

Last week I attended the Made in blog Campus, the first 100% blogging conference.


A Passion For Blogging

What’s reaaaally really fun in being a blogger (except for the fact that you spend a zillion hours working on it for free #sic) is that you can talk, write, read, and share your passion with others and realize that the “crap” you may write can sometimes SOMETIMES interest others. That’s what I do, and that’s why I keep doing it.

The second thing I love in blogging is to meet other bloggers (who also work full time for free in the name of passion!). And that’s what happen at the Made in blog Campus on the 24th May at Phi Center.

I was so pleased to meet famous canadian bloggers I regularly follow such as : Elodie from Hello Elo, Danishaz, Gabrielle from Dentelle et Fleurs, Ismérie from The Little Spot, Cath from Querelles and Déborah Cherenfant from Mots D’elles (one of the best Canadian Blogger in women empowerment and entrepreneurship) and who did an excellent job as a moderator during this event.

I was also very glad to discover new blogs like : BeautezineUne fille la toile, 2epeau , UrbanfroufouLes Nerds.

If I had to resume this experience in three worlds it would be : A – MA – ZING ! (that’s three worlds right?!)

I was amazed by the quality of the speakers and the quantity of gift, great food and booze ! (High-five to whoever thought on bringing the candies and hire this f*-ing hot bartender !!).

Congrats Made in Blog !

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