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Mad of Thrones

This month covers are pretty much the same of last month (GoT, Mad Men, movies promo) except for this mess. And it’s a sad news in prints magazine when we heard that THIS MESS broke sales records beating Beyonce and Michelle Obama previous covers. This month Vogue choose to feature Emma Stone while promoting the super-production ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ . Wtv.

Game of Thrones and Mad Men win this month battle by striking 5 top covers ( Well done Nikolaj Coster-Waldau!) Again Camillia Clarke and Elizabeth Moss are the biggest stars.

The other top covers are Marie Claire who strike three B+ List star and one A-Lister (Lupita ‘the great’). This multi-covers thing is badass.

Elle Fanning, Lupita Nyong'o, & Kate Mara,

Lupita ‘ the great’ in the middle.

triple cover marie claire it hollywood girl


This Months Top Covers:


  • The 5 Hollywood girl of 2014. Elle Fanning, Kate Mara, Lupita ‘the great’ Nyong’o, Elizabeth Olsen, and Camillia Clarke on the Marie Claire 4 covers. Marie Claire US taps promising actress for this month issue. The first one is promoting Maleficent alongside her co-star Angelina Jolie. The second is post-promoting House of Cards and benify from this coverage to get more great project. Kate Mara is a great actress she had made her proof in HoC show so we hope she will get good propositions in the near future. Lupita the Great is the star of the moment and in her way up. She is the new face of Lancôme and probably have tons of proposition right now. The last one, the third Olsen one, is getting her thing in the indie film and she will be in the new Avengers super-production.
  • Scarlett Johansson is on Vanity Fair & Glamour this month. The hot blonde actress has been trending this month. She’s pregnant, she has four movies due in 2014, #1 Luc Besson’s latest movie ‘Lucy’ #2 Captain America: The Winter Soldier #3 Under the Skin a strangely erotic indie movie #4 Jon Favreau’s Chef  a food porn movie with Robert Downey Jr. and Sofia Vergara. She’s also engaged and lives in Paris and say stupid things about Woody ‘pervy’ Allen scandals. And last but not least her latest contract with sodastream has been largely controversial. Scarlett need to stop talking… just do what she does best : acting in Indie movies.
  • People Magazine puts the world’s sweetheart Lupita ‘The Great’ Nyong’o on the cover of their annual 50 Most Beautiful issue.  Even Dlisted ‘master of hater’ agreed on this choice saying they finally choose someone WORTHY to put on their cover. This is definitely the Year of Lupita. She’s this to get her Vogue Cover. I am tellin’ ya if Vogue doesn’t choose her their goldy September Issue it’s the end of this magazine. It’s actually their only chance to erase this last month disaster.
  • Movies promotion : Elle Fanning (Maleficent), Emma Stone (‘The Amazing Spider-Man’), Jenifer Connelly (Noé), Elizabeth Olsen (The new Avengers), Sophie Marceau ( Une Rencontre), Julia Louis Dreyfus (Enough Said ), Cameron Diaz (The Other Woman)
  • Johnny Depp is on Interview for promoting his very public engagement.  Yes Johnny Depp  has been doing an engagement tour for couple past months. WHY Johnny WHY? Are you looking to kill your reputation AND your career anytime soon?

Johnny Depp’s career has succumbed to a case of mid-life crisis that proved terminal. Depp’s career fought mid-life crisis for several years, but suffered a decline beginning in 2011 from which it never recovered, undergoing bouts of bad movies, questionable life choices and terrible pants. Johnny Depp’s career fell into a coma on April 18, 2014, _

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