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Let me tell you a little story : I woke on saturday 22 March morning, and I am about to write an intro for this post. But this morning I woke up so so fucking annoyed!!!

This months magazine battle was going pretty well. For once every cover were pretty much relevant. Game of Thrones were quietly but strongly promoting their new season, graces us with 3 covers this months. Perfect. Mad men and Girls were also starring this month. Absolutely great. Angie Jo as Maleficent is stunning. Even Justin Bieber on Rolling Stone didn’t bother me at all.

But then this happened.

Kim Kanye Vogue cover April


And the Internet went through a mental seizure for a second.

I hate them for forcing me to feature them on my cover battle.

This Month top covers :

This month is big on launching.  Game Of Thrones is the big winner of this month battle ; Mad Men is second. Big movies like Maleficent are in the loop too and they have started their promo tour since december so they’re well prepare. Let’s take a look at all of this shall we?

Game Of Thrones is not only a big deal, it’s quite possibly the ONLY deal. (Lainey)

  • Emilia Clarke stroke two covers this month. It look like she’s the big star of the show. After appearing on Wall Street mag the mother of dragons is back on Glamour France & InStyle. Emilia Clarke a.k.a Khaleesie a.k.a Mother of dragons a.k.a Game Of Thrones Goddess is the best choice to promote GoT much waited Season four. I am so excited for it. I am pretty sure Khaleesi is one of the public favor choice so I guess this will help a lot for Emilia Clarke career. I am sure she’ll get big movies propositions like her co-star … a.k.a Jon Snow. To my opinion I would love to see more of Sansa and Ayra, and Tyrion of course !
  • Game Of Thrones (one the best tv show in a decade) also strike Vanity Fair shoot by Annie Leibovitz. Big cover, big photographer, big promo. I love this show. And they absolutely deserve this cover. (Lainey Gossip)
  • Elizabeth Moss is on the cover of New York magazine. NYT is declaring her as the real true star of the Mad Men show. Not John Hamm, not January Jones, not Christina Hendricks, not Jessica Paré, her. And I do agree with their choice. You can read more here on the future of Liz Moss but I am sure she has a very bright future going on. (Vulture)
  • Angelina Jolie is on Entertainment magazine. Maleficient is the blockbuster most awaited of this summer. They have been slowly but surely promoting it since november and during the award season. Discrete approach but very efficient by releasing trailer after trailer and new posters after new posters. I have to admit that I am really excited by the movie, I just hope that this will be as good as they pretend it is.
  • Justin Bieber is ‘bad boy’ on Rolling Stone. It has been a big month in the scandalicious world for this teen star. And hoooow much I enjoyed it. Have you seen the deposition videos? I know you don’t have time for it, I don’t either supposedly but I still did watch them. and this is 100% pure douchery ! This cover is certainly not going to embarrass him. He wears BAD BOY like a prize. He might even tattoo this cover on his back._Lainey Gossip
  • Scarlett Gets Dazed–The new issue of Dazed (formerly Dazed & Confused). Whats new in Scarlett Johansson life/career ? She’s getting pregnant, she’s living in Paris,….and I heard she did a movie about porn (not Don Jon another one). But the best post was her opening her big month on the Woody Allen scandal, on the The New Yorker and it’s an absolutely must read!
  • Katie Holmes is on Elle cover. Why is she on a cover ? She haven’t done anything so far… Remember what happened two years ago ? Her golden divorce from Mr Hollywood. She came from everything to nothing… or at list she came back to a B/C-list celebrity situation. She recently lost her clothing line. She’s back to be ‘Joey’ again.

Stardom no more Katie!

Considering that I am sure she had HUGE reason to separate from big A list Tommy Cruise. But WHY ? Yes I am still asking why, and I am still looking for answers. But I know she probably signed big confidentiality contract over her big divorce check. That probably means she is hidding big stuff ! Aaah I hope that the power of gossip will release this secret one day !

  • This month is the battle between two films. Both talks about porn (sort of) both has a mean girl actress leading but only one strike a cover. Because only one is really accurate. And this one is Amanda Seyfried on W.

Amanda Seyfried photographed by Michael Thompson April W


And no Kimye is not on my top cover list. But don’t worry I’ll them the special treatment sooner or later… 🙂

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