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Welcome To The Uncle Terry’s Jungle

Before you read this post I must warn you and preserve you. This will content lots of NSFW and uncensored pics. Lots of erotic and trash stories. But beyond all your concerns I know you guys will enjoy it… so take a shot of Fashion porn and welcome into Uncle Terry’s Creepy Jungle :

American Apparel 'Now Open' ads by Terry Richardson

American Apparel Now Open by Terry Richardson

Fashion Horror Story

Aaaaand it’s about time !  The newest ‘Terry Richardson creepy model sex’ story is out! And this time it’s worst than ever. (Click to read herehere; here and here and HERE AND HERE …and I am sure there’s more !!)

Fashion Junkie _ Sisley

‘Fashion Junkie’ for Sisley, 2001

Terry Richardson a.k.a Uncle Terry (he ask innocent models to call him like that during photoshoots) is the enfant terrible of the fashion world. Humm no sorry he’s not a child, he’s a very bad old pervert photographer who is living in a pervert paradise.

I have hard times to understand why every goddam magazines and brands of this planet is still hiring his ass to shot nude 16 girls asking them to pose like they got a hell of a porno career ? Why every goddam magazine and brands are still hiring his ass to have young models in f*ck-up positions to sells shit (take a look at Sisley campaign in 2001) ? And WHY every goddam Hollywood agent or model agency hire his ass and send young actress to shot them in NSFW position to pimp up their career?

 A predator hunts, not the most powerful, but the most vulnerable.

Terry World

Terry’s Diary

And you may ask why ? Why fashion needs to go so Porny-Terry?

Everybody in the fashion world knows and approve his “methods”. Some people think those images are funny and love them, and some people think they’re degrading to women (The New York Observer). But what is the core center of the problem? Who should we blame ? The man who use his power to exploit vulnerable young girls or an industry who believe the notion that something fantastically illicit and outrageously sexual will grow business?

In 2011, a conversation between the photographer and Felice Fawn a model he chatted with was linked, and this highlighted us of how dangerous this industry can really be :

Terry Richardson: modelling is more then only a pretty face

Felice Fawn: Yeah of course

TR: but most models do know how things go behind the scenes to get the fame. Easy and simple, like i said, i am used to talk daily about it with the other models, it is sex drugs and rock & roll

Dont tell me you do not know this.

FF: Yes I am aware, but I don’t do drugs and I certainly won’t suck dick for fame.

TR: Then thanks for the chat and wish you all the best, since there is only one real way for fame.

I am a pervert like the rest in fashion

Source : Jezebel

“It’s not who you know, it’s who you blow. I don’t have a hole in my jeans for nothing.”

No, those lines do not come from the latest Nymphomaniac movie but directly from Terrible Terry dirty mouth.

The Three Graces, Outtake of Sisley Campaign, 2002

The Three Graces, Outtake of Sisley Campaign, 2002

Models suck dick for their careers. The vast majority of them actually really do. Believe the stereotype of a profession where neither brains nor whatsoever education is required. It’s purely about one superficial asset – looks. In this profession, literally looks alone does not matter but the people who can move you up. Like important photographers. And when those important photogs have issues like this guy, I have to tell, this all thing can’t do no good.

Maybe it’s the psychological thing that I was a shy kid, and now I’m this powerful guy with his boner, dominating all these girls.” Mr. Richardson once admited.

To each sexual assault allegations and rumors Scary Terry put the “In the name of ART” card and assure that he had the consent of all parties involved (Dlisted).To what I must say : YA RIGHT YOU F*CKIN’ PERVET !

You may now still wonder if those stories are true. (Do you really?) You may wonder that maybe models go public because they’re looking for attention. Maybe this is false allegations, maybe they were forced, maybe they are famewhore, or maybe they’re just looking for money. If you think *yeaah maybe Terry deserve the benefit of the doubt*, well allow me to remind you of all the dirty shit.  

Take a deep breath and jump into Dirty Terry inside stories:


“ All right, kids! Postcoital!’

This is what Creepy-Terry said every time the flash went off, he said, ‘Postcoital!’(Nyt).

Here are the story of 3 models that went public on what really goes when you do a photoshoot with ‘Terry the Predator’ :

  • Charlotte Walters – she is the latest model who came out on True Tales of Casting Couch Terror .

Charlotte Walters says that in 2009 she submitted her pictures to Uncle Terry through his website.[…] At first, things were normal and then things turned not-so-normal when he put his finger in her mouth and touched her face. Charlotte says that back then she was a “rapist’s dream,” because she was very naive and trusted way too easily. The not-so-normal shit eventually turned into some call-Detective-Olivia-Benson shit. Charlotte took off her clothes, which she knew was going to happen, and then Terry brought his dick out, which she didn’t know was going to happen. (Dlisted)

Things were now completely pornographic and never once initiated by me. He was now on the couch with me and it became sexual act after sexual act, aggressive kissing, random sexual things being done to me and being directed to do everything you can think of back, everything slow so his assistant could photograph. He even directed me to squeeze his balls as hard as I could so that they pushed back up into his body. I did not even know that was possible (At least I learned something about the male anatomy that night?). I was completely a sex puppet at this point. It ended with him jacking off on to my face and he told me to keep my eyes open really wide and his assistant stood over me and it got in my eye and they both began taking pics of it for a what felt like 10 minutes but was probably only 30 seconds..

Source : Jezebel

Me, Eniko and Natalia etam

  • German model Rie Ramussen

“He takes girls who are young, manipulates them to take their clothes off and takes pictures of them they will be ashamed of. They are too afraid to say no because their agency booked them on the job and are too young to stand up for themselves….His ‘look’ is girls who appear underage, abused, look like heroin addicts . . .

Source: The Gloss 

Terry Richardson Blowjobs Exhibition

Terry Richardson Blowjobs Exhibition

  • Jennifer

The second time was the weird one. It was the end of my freshman year of college and my mom had just helped me move my stuff out of my dorm room, which I had one more day to vacate. I went straight downtown from there, thinking it would be more of the same, but it wasn’t. Uncle Terry was feeling frisky that day! I told him I had my period so I wanted to keep my underwear on, and he asked me to take my tampon out for him to play with. “I love tampons!” he said.

Source : The Gloss

  • Jamie Peck –  she posed for Terry twice when she was 19

I’m not sure how he maneuvered me over to the couch, but at some point he strongly suggested I touch his terrifying penis

This is where I zoom out on the situation. I can remember doing this stuff, but even at the time, it was sort of like watching someone else do it, someone who couldn’t possibly be me because I would never touch a creepy photographer’s penis. The only explanation I can come up with is that he was so darn friendly and happy about it all, and his assistants were so stoked on it as well, that I didn’t want to be the killjoy in the room. My new fake friends would’ve been bummed if I’d said no.

I must have said something about finals, because he told me, “if you make me come, you get an A.” So I did! Pretty fast, I might add. All over my left hand. His assistant handed me a towel.

Source : jezebel

Alright now still have doubts? If you had the courage to read this entire stuff and finally end up here I will strongly recommend you to take lots of alcohol tonight to clean off your brain.

Update: Remember the tumblr called I miss the old Terry ? A grand collection of the worst of Uncle Terry old shot. Well the site has been put down. Coincidence or conspiracy? I’am sure the later. But since nothing is lost on the Internet … take a look at THIS (absolutely NSFW).


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